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  1. Mini Scales
    Mini Scales

    From £12.95

    Color match accurately by weight - makes color matching simple.

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  2. Lint Free Cotton Cloth 10kg
    Lint Free Cotton Cloth 10kg

    For buffing & wiping down leather.

    • 100% Cotton
    • Cleaned & Bleached remnants of sheeting
    • Ideal for polishing and buffing sirfaces
    • Supplied in a 10kg bag
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  3. Leather Repair Training Manual
    Leather Repair Training Manual

    Step by step illustrated instructions.

  4. Heat Sealing Iron
    Heat Sealing Iron

    Heat cures fillers for an instant repair with an embossed grain pattern.

    Out of stock

    The heat sealing iron heats up to 210°c to heat cure leather fillers within a minute.

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  5. Heat Gun
    Heat Gun

    Heat cures fillers in for an instant repair.


    2000W Heat Gun used to provide extreme heat to cure leather fillers instantly.

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  6. Dual Cartridge Respirator
    Dual Cartridge Respirator

    For protection against gases and vapours.

  7. Colour Matching User Guide and Swatch Booklet
    Colour Matching User Guide and Swatch Booklet

    Use this booklet to match colours of leather easily.

  8. Cleaning Sponges
    Cleaning Sponges

    Hand-sized sponge used for cleaning any surface.

    From £2.95

    Hand-sized sponge used for cleaning any surface.

    • Ideal for cleaning leather
    • Fits the hand perfectly for easy application 
    • Disc shaped sponge - 11.5cm x 2cm
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  9. Airbrush

    Small airbrush for all types of spraying.

  10. Abrasive Hand Pad
    Abrasive Hand Pad

    Used for cleaning, prepping, sanding & polishing a wide range of surfaces.

    From £0.75
  11. 320 Grit Sandpaper
    320 Grit Sandpaper

    Ever so slightly abrasive for sanding down the fillers.

    From £0.99
  12. 30ml Mixing Cup - 80 Pack
    30ml Mixing Cup - 80 Pack

    Small cup with a scale up the side in ml used for mixing paints.

    From £4.50
  13. 150ml Foaming Bottle
    150ml Foaming Bottle

    Turns leather cleaners into foam!

    From £2.95
  14. 1200 Grit Sandpaper
    1200 Grit Sandpaper

    Super fine sandpaper for sanding down paint.

    From £0.99
  15. Terry Towels 8kg
    Terry Towels 8kg

    Absorbent terry towel for all cleaning applications.


    Cleaned & bleached remnants of towelling; our Terry Towels are extra thick and absorbent and so are great for all cleaning requirements. 

    • Supplied in a 8kg bag
    • Various shapes and sizes
    • Great for polishing & buffing all surfaces
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  16. Furniture Clinic Open Days
    Furniture Clinic Open Days

    Free introduction to cleaning & repairing leather.

    From £0.00

    An open day for trade customers. Expert advice and guidance, demonstrations, Q&A and product information.

    • Free to attend one-day event
    • Expert advice and guidance
    • Overview of Furniture Clinic products and services
    • Discount voucher, welcome pack and free samples
    • For both existing and new customers

    The open day is for anyone who either offers a leather repair service, or is thinking about offering one. The day is designed to show you more about Furniture Clinic, our products, services and techniques.

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  17. Leather Types Swatch Booklet and Guide
    Leather Types Swatch Booklet and Guide

    A comprehensive guide to help identify different types of leather and different surface coatings.

    Out of stock
    • Defines British standards of leather types
    • Helps to identify leather types
    • Increases confidence in leather diagnoses, improving chances of converting quotes
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  18. 5ml Contact Adhesive WB
    5ml Contact Adhesive WB

    A natural rubber latex adhesive used to secure a Repair Sub Patch.


    A natural rubber latex adhesive used to secure a Repair Sub Patch.

    • Quick grab
    • Easy to use
    • Good heat resistance
    • Environmentally friendly and safe to use
    • Easy clean-up
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  19. Paint Stirrer
    Paint Stirrer

    From £19.95
  20. Professional Leather Training Courses
    Professional Leather Training Courses

    Learn from the experts how to clean and repair leather.

    From £840.00

    Standard and bespoke courses

    • Comprehensive training, covering all aspects of leather repair and restoration.
    • Programs delivered for both experienced and aspiring professionals alike.
    • Learn with confidence - we are the UK's leading supplier of products and services to the leather care industry.
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