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  1. Pro Kit+
    Pro Kit+

    The 'complete package' when it comes to cleaning, repairing and restoring leather


    The 'complete package' when it comes to cleaning, repairing and restoring leather

    • Everything you need to become a leather repairer and restorer
    • All products and tools included
    • Enables you to tackle all remedial and restorative work to leather
    • Our largest professional leather kit
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  2. Leather Sealant
    Leather Sealant

    Easily replace the finish to leather with a handy spray-on application. Creates a quick drying, r...

    From £12.95

    Easily replace the finish to leather with a handy spray-on application. Creates a quick drying, robust, damage resistant layer that seals and protects the leather after applying Leather Colourant.

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  3. TG2 Pro Spray Gun
    TG2 Pro Spray Gun

    For precision paint spraying.

  4. Mini Air Compressor
    Mini Air Compressor

    Mini air compressor for airbrush work. Available to hire in UK Only.

    From £150.00
  5. Plastic Palette Knife
    Plastic Palette Knife

    For applying the fillers to leather.

  6. Airbrush

    Small airbrush for all types of spraying.


    A compact airbrush kit capable of spraying all types of paint with an adjustable spray pattern

    • Small, convenient airbrush kit
    • Suitable for spraying all types of paint
    • Detachable glass jar for easy refills
    • Adjustable spray that achieves professional results
    • Accessories included to connect it to chosen air source
    • Easy to use and easy to clean
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  7. Cleaning Sponges
    Cleaning Sponges

    Hand-sized sponge used for cleaning any surface.

    From £3.95

    Hand-sized sponge used for cleaning any surface.

    • Ideal for cleaning leather
    • Fits the hand perfectly for easy application 
    • Disc shaped sponge - 11.5cm x 2cm
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  8. Cleaning Brush
    Cleaning Brush

    For cleaning leather and fabric, this brush makes quick work of cleaning at a great price.


    Makes cleaning leather and fabric easier and quicker

    • Produces a deeper clean
    • Makes cleaning quicker and easier
    • Penetrates into the grain of the leather to deep clean
    • Soft, gentle cleaning action - cleans without damage to the surface
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  9. Applicator Sponges
    Applicator Sponges

    Great value 2 pack of our ultra soft terry towel applicator sponges.

    • Great value
    • Soft and gentle
    • Highly Absorbent
    • Perfect for applying balms & creams
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  10. Sanding Pads
    Sanding Pads

    Foam backed abrasive pads for sanding and finishing leather and wood

    From £1.25

    Foam based abrasive pad used for sanding & finishing

    • Available as individual pads or on a roll
    • Lasts up to five times longer than ordinary foam backed sandpaper
    • Can be used wet or dry
    • Low clogging
    • Great flexibility 
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  11. Airbrush Nib
    Airbrush Nib

    Out of stock

    Replacment nib for our Airbrush.

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  12. Tampico Brush
    Tampico Brush

    Specialist cleaning brush for leather, carpet and fabric.

    This unique brush makes cleaning...

    • Gentle way to clean deep down into leather's grain to release dirt easily
    • Absorbent bristles to help the cleaning process
    • Ideal for use with Leather Ultra Clean on difficult leather surfaces
    • Use to agitate fabrics, loosening clung on dirt
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  13. 150ml Foaming Bottle
    150ml Foaming Bottle

    Turns leather cleaners into foam!

    From £2.95
  14. Abrasive Hand Pad
    Abrasive Hand Pad

    Used for cleaning, prepping, sanding & polishing a wide range of surfaces.

    From £0.75
  15. Terry Towels 8kg
    Terry Towels 8kg

    Absorbent terry towel for all cleaning applications.


    Cleaned & bleached remnants of towelling; our Terry Towels are extra thick and absorbent and so are great for all cleaning requirements. 

    • Supplied in a 8kg bag
    • Various shapes and sizes
    • Great for polishing & buffing all surfaces
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  16. 1200 Grit Sandpaper
    1200 Grit Sandpaper

    Super fine sandpaper for sanding down paint.

    From £0.99
  17. Airbrush Propellant Can
    Airbrush Propellant Can

    For powering the airbrush.

    From £7.95

    The airbrush propellant can is a gas can used to propel the Airbrush when spraying products such as dyes, paints and finishes.

    The can is a large 400ml can and is enough to roughly spray product onto 1 car seat or other item of a similar size.

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  18. Leather Repair Sub Patch
    Leather Repair Sub Patch

    Extremely flexible cloth backing for repairing holes & tears.

    From £9.95

    A very flexible leather repair patch used to form a strong backing for leather repairs.

    • Sizes available: 50cm² or 1m².
    • Strong leather repair patch
    • Flexes and moves with the leather
    • Creates a long lasting leather repair
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  19. 30ml Mixing Cup - 80 Pack
    30ml Mixing Cup - 80 Pack

    Small cup with a scale up the side in ml used for mixing paints.

    From £4.50
  20. Lint Free Cotton Cloth 10kg
    Lint Free Cotton Cloth 10kg

    For buffing & wiping down leather.

    • 100% Cotton
    • Cleaned & Bleached remnants of sheeting
    • Ideal for polishing and buffing sirfaces
    • Supplied in a 10kg bag
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