Leather Repair Tools

Leather Repair Tools

A selection of useful repair tools for use upon leather furniture, car interiors, clothes and all other items of leather. 

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  1. Leather Repair Sub Patch
    Leather Repair Sub Patch

    Extremely flexible cloth backing for repairing holes & tears.

    From £4.95

    A very flexible leather repair patch used to form a strong backing for leather repairs.

    • Sizes available: 50cm² or 1m².
    • Strong leather repair patch
    • Flexes and moves with the leather
    • Creates a long lasting leather repair
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  2. Heat Paper
    Heat Paper

    Stop the heat sealing iron from burning leather.

    From £5.95

    Place this specialist pad on top of the grain pad before applying the Heat Sealing Iron to the repair.

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  3. Tweezers

    Easy lock 'n' release grip tweezer, used for inserting the Canvas Sub Patch.


    Excellent design to help make placing a Canvas Sub Patch behind the leather easy.

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  4. Plastic Palette Knife
    Plastic Palette Knife

    For applying the fillers to leather.

  5. Mini Scales
    Mini Scales

    From £12.95

    Color match accurately by weight - makes color matching simple.

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  6. Heat Sealing Iron
    Heat Sealing Iron

    Heat cures fillers for an instant repair with an embossed grain pattern.


    The heat sealing iron heats up to 210°c to heat cure leather fillers within a minute.

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  7. Heat Gun
    Heat Gun

    Heat cures fillers in for an instant repair.


    2000W Heat Gun used to provide extreme heat to cure leather fillers instantly.

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7 Items

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