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Fabric paints used to paint or dye fabric sofas, clothes, shoes and all other items of fabric. Our Fabric Paint can be used to paint designs onto fabric or used to restore or change the colour of fabric. It works like a fabric dye by soaking into the fibres and changing the colour of the fabric. You can use it on any type of fabric with transformational results!

The Fabric Paint is applied easily by sponge or brush, or it can also be used as a fabric spray paint, and be sprayed onto fabric.

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  1. Fabric Paint
    FabriCoat Fabric Paint

    An easy-to-use Fabric Paint used for restoring or changing the colour of fabrics.

    From £9.95

    Fabric Paint used for restoring or changing the colour of all types of fabrics

    • Fabric Paint transforms colour without changing the texture or making the material stiff
    • The Fabric Paint can be used to refurbish faded and damaged fabric or transform it into something new
    • All-in-one Fabric Paint that is easy to apply
    • Paint onto fabrics with a paint brush, sponge, stamp or stencil
    • Spray onto fabrics as a fabric spray paint
    • Available in 43 different colours
    • Use on sofas, soft furnishings, car interiors, clothing and more
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  2. Shoe Colouring Kit
    Shoe Colouring Kit

    A quick and easy method of changing or restoring the colour to any item of footwear, whether leat...

    From £8.95

    A quick and easy method of changing or restoring the colour to any item of footwear, whether leather, fabric, or suede.

    • Completely transform any item of leather, suede, or fabric footwear with one handy shoe dye kit.
    • Perfect for restoring colour to old, faded shoes.
    • Shoe colourant is colour safe; providing a water-resistant, durable coating
    • This shoe dye restores leather and suede shoes, as well as fabric, canvas and silk.
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  3. Fabric Roof Restoration Kit
    Fabric Roof Restoration Kit

    Everything you need to restore the colour to any old or faded fabric roof.

    From £64.95

    Quickly and easily transform old, worn and faded fabric roofs.

    • Highly concentrated & deep penetrating dye
    • Provides a deep and strong coloured finish
    • Easy to use with great results
    • 100% colour fast when dry
    • Comes with protector to repel rain
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  4. 50mm Paint Brush
    50mm Paint Brush

    Firm brush used for applying Fabric Paint


    The ideal brush for applying Fabric Paint

    • 50mm brush
    • Firm bristles
    • Light weight
    • Easy to use
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  5. Fabic Paint Kit Large
    Fabric Paint Kit

    Everything you need to paint fabric in one handy kit

    From £49.95

    Contains all the products you need to restore or change the colour of fabric

    • Cleans, colours and protects fabrics
    • Strong and vibrant colours
    • Easy to use with little effort
    • Penetrates deep into all type of fabric
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5 Items

About Fabric Dye

Fabric Dye is made from a natural or synthetic substance and is designed to soak into and change the colour of fabric. Normally diluted with water, a material needs to be submerged into the fabric dye to get complete colour uniformity. 

The downside to fabric dyes is that because they are soluble in water, any liquid spillages can displace the fabric dye. This effect can be reduced with the addition of a dye fixative, but these can also cause the fibres to stiffen.

Fabric Dye Application 

The application method for fabric dyes also makes them more suited for changing the colour of fabrics at the manufacturing stage, rather than in the home. There are some fabric dye type products that can be used within the washing machine to help dye fabric clothes, but if you’re looking for a fabric dye to dye a fabric sofa, or other large item of fabric, you are better using our Fabric Paint.

To dye fabric, the colour of the fabric must be lighter in colour than the fabric dye you are using. You could dye a white fabric using black fabric dye, but you couldn’t dye a black fabric and hope to change the colour to white. The fabric must also be absorbent in order for the dye to properly penetrate into the fabric, so make sure to clean any fabric thoroughly before attempting to dye it.

About Fabric Paint

Fabric Paint on the other hand is designed for easier application onto fabrics already made into items; such as furniture and soft furnishings. They can be applied by brush, cloth or spray and used to restore or change the colour of fabric.

Unlike a fabric dye that soaks though the fibres to change the colour, the fabric paint coats each individual fibre, hiding the original colour. This means that you can get fabric paints in a much larger range of colours compared to fabric dyes.

Fabric Paint Application

The Fabric Paint can also be used as a fabric spray paint, and sprayed onto the fabric, however for best results we recommend applying it with a brush. Working the Fabric Paint into the fabric using a brush is an easy process, and you can change the colour of the fabric within just one or two applications of paint.

Once applied, a fabric paint will remain soft and flexible, with very little change to the texture of the fabric. This makes a fabric paint an extremely versatile product for restoring, or changing the colour of any type of fabric.

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