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A specialist range of Fabric Paints designed to paint and dye fabric items. The paints can be for painting designs onto all fabric items or they can be used to dye or change the colour of larger items of fabric such as upholstery, car interiors, curtains and all other items made from fabric.

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  1. Shoe Colouring Kit
    Shoe Colouring Kit

    A quick and easy method of changing or restoring the colour to any item of footwear, whether leat...

    From £8.95

    A quick and easy method of changing or restoring the colour to any item of footwear, whether leather, fabric or suede.

    • Completely transform any item of leather, suede or fabric footwear with one handy shoe dye kit.
    • Perfect for restoring colour to old faded shoes
    • Shoe colourant is colour safe, providing a water resistant durable coating
    • This shoe dye restores leather and suede shoes, as well as fabric, canvas and silk.
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  2. Fabricoat Fabric Paint
    Fabricoat Fabric Paint

    A non-hazardous & non-flammable Fabric Paint used for restoring or changing the colour to fabrics.

    From £9.95

    Fabric Paint used for restoring or changing the colour of fabrics

    • Fabric Paint transforms colour without changing the texture or making the material stiff
    • The Fabric Paint can be used to refurbish faded and damaged fabric or transform it into something new.
    • Spray onto fabrics as a Fabric Spray Paint.
    • Paint onto fabrics using a paint brush, stamp or stencil.
    • Wash into fabrics for a colour wash effect.
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  3. Penetrating Solution
    Penetrating Solution

    Helps the penetration of Fabricoat into stubborn fabrics.

    From £9.95

    Helps Fabricoat penetrate less absorbent fabrics.

    • Greatly improves penetrations rates
    • Helps keep fabric soft
    • Helps to keep a natural looking finish
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  4. FabriCoat Sprayer
    FabriCoat Sprayer

    The ideal solution for applying FabriCoat to any fabric item

    From £9.95

    Apply FabriCoat like a fabric spray paint! Professional results and a perfectly even coat when changing or restoring the colour of any fabric item

    • Used to apply FabriCoat to fabric items
    • Easy to apply, just like a Fabric Spray Paint
    • Provides a great looking, even coat on any fabric surface
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  5. Convertible Roof Restoration Kit
    Convertible Roof Restoration Kit

    Everything you need to restore the colour to any old or faded convertible roof.

    From £74.95

    The perfect kit, designed to quickly and easily transform old, worn and faded convertible roofs.

    • Restore or re-colour any worn or faded convertible roof
    • Very easy to follow process allowing anyone to achieve professional results
    • 100% colour fast when dry
    • Comes with protector to repel rain

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