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Wood Floor Stains

Our range of wood floor stains can be used to stain any type of wood (oak, beech, maple, ash etc) and can be used on both hardwood, softwood and engineered board wooden flooring. The wood floor stains soak deep into the timber and should then be seal with a wood floor oil or wood floor wax.

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  1. Wood Stain
    Wood Stain

    A highly concentrated Wood Stain that stains wood in one simple application.

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    Our Wood Stain is a highly concentrated stain used for staining both old and new wooden surfaces. 

    • Environmentally friendly
    • Low odour & completely non-toxic
    • Fast drying
    • Easy to apply
    • Available in 12 wood stain colours
    • Tester Kit available (15ml colours)
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About Wood Floor Stains

There are many different types of wood floor stains, some that just stain the floor and some that also finish and seal the stain in at the same time. There are also water-based wood floor stains and solvent based stains too.

Simple wood floor stains

Our Wood Stain, is suitable for staining all types of wooden flooring, and it does so in one quick and easy application. It is just a stain though so needs a finished applied over the top; either an oil, wax or varnish. However, as it is a pure wood floor stain, it soaks deep into the wood, rather than sitting on the surface of the floor.

Wood floor stains that contain finish

These types of wood floor stains can contain either an oil, wax or varnish. Some of the stain will soak into the floor, and some of it will form a finish that sits on top of the floor. The benefit of this type of wood floor stain is that it quicker to use as it doesn’t require a secondary application of finish, however the areas of floor where the stain wears off with use will stain out more.

Why use a floor stain

The first reason you might use a floor stain is to change the colour of your floor, or to restore the colour if it is looking faded. We have a wide range of floor stain colours to help select the right floor stain for your job. When staining a floor, you can only stain the wood to a darker colour than the floor currently is or restore the wood to the same colour. It is not possible to stain a dark wood floor to a lighter colour.

Secondly, using a floor stain will help to protect your floor from stains and spills. Once the floor has soaked in the floor stain, the wood becomes saturated and so cannot absorb much more liquid. Some floor stains also contain oils and waxes to provide further protection against stains and spills.

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