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Our Floor Polish range is the result of years of R&D trying to develop floor polishes that not only apply a nice shine to flooring, but that will also protect the floor from minor damages and restore surface scratches too.

We have products for polishing hardwood flooring, such as our Wood Floor Polish, which works on all types of varnished or lacquered wooden floors. If you have an oiled floor, our Wood Floor Maintenance Oil is for you. We also have floor polishes for stone, tile and laminate flooring as well as vinyl tiles.

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  1. Stone & Tile Floor Polish
    Stone & Tile Floor Polish

    Polish, restore, and protect all types of stone and tile flooring


    A specialist polish that restores and protects all types of stone and tile flooring.

    • Perfect for all natural stone, porcelain, and ceramic floors
    • Fills scratches for a smooth finish
    • Polishes to an attractive glossy finish
    • Protects against stains & spills
    • Protects against wear & tear
    • Water-based – safe for people and pets
    • Size: 500ml
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7 Items

Why use floor polishes?

Despite the fact floor polishes make your flooring look great, they will also help protect the floor from wear & tear. As people walk over your flooring, the abrasions from dirt and the friction caused with the walking action will slowly start to wear down the finish on your floor. Regular cleaning with one of our Floor Cleaners will help reduce this, but also applying a floor polish will help further. With a floor polish, the abrasions and frictions that damage the floor are absorbed by the polish, so instead of wearing down your lovely new flooring, this action will simply wear off the floor polish, which you can then re-apply as necessary.

This makes using a floor polish a necessity if you want to maintain that new look on your floor.

Different types of floor polish

We have three different types of floor polish for you to choose from. Each floor polish has been designed to work specifically on the floor type, helping to ensure you get the best results possible when using one of our floor polishes.

Wood Floor Polish

Our Wood Floor Polish has been designed to work on all types of wooden flooring. It will enhance the floor and works great on both matt floors and shiny wooden floors. Use the Wood Floor Polish to protect new floors, and to also restore dull and faded patches on older floors, as well as fixing micro scratches in the finish.

A regular application of Wood Floor Polish will keep your wooden flooring in pristine condition.

Laminate Floor Polish

Our Laminate Floor Polish works great on all types of laminate flooring. It enhances dull and faded floors, and can be used to maintain and protect new floors too. The polish has been designed to match the sheen of laminate with one application so can be used on both shiny, and matt laminate flooring.

The Laminate Floor Polish is easy to use and dries quickly making it a great polish to use to maintain your flooring.

Vinyl Floor Polish

Our Vinyl Floor Polish works great on both standard vinyl flooring, as well as Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT). It can be used to restore and revive old and tired looking floors, as well as used to maintain the look of brand new vinyl flooring.

The Vinyl Floor Polish used regularly will help to keep all types of vinyl flooring in great condition.

Stone & Tile Floor Polish

Our Stone & Tile Floor Polish will work on all stone, porcelain, and ceramic floors and tiles. As well as polishing the floor, it will also protect and restore both new and old stone and tile floors.

When used regularly it will give your flooring a lovely sheen and keep your floors looking as good as new.

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