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A high-quality range of Wood Oils for all interior and exterior items. Our specialist Wood Oils are great for the treatment of all household and garden projects and work on all types of wood; such as Beach, Oak, Walnut and Teak. 

You might not be sure what the best Wood Oil is for your project as there are many different types of Wood Oils; all our Oils work on all types of wood and for all projects so you can't go wrong. 

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  1. Worktop Maintenance Kit
    Worktop Maintenance Kit

    Clean & restore all kitchen worktops for a professional, like new finish.


    Clean and restore all kitchen worktops for a professional, like-new finish with our worktop oil maintenance kit. 

    • Worktop oil to protect and nourish
    • Enhances the colour and grain
    • Imparts an attractive, natural, satin sheen
    • Provides a durable, water and stain resistant finish
    • Suitable for all types of wooden worktops
    • Prolongs the life of all worktops
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  2. Garden Furniture Restoration Kit
    Garden Furniture Restoration Kit

    Contains the full suite of products and all accessories needed to fully clean, restore and protec...

    • Remove dirt, grease and grime from all garden furniture
    • Restore, enhance and revive the original colour
    • Maintains and protects
    • Restores grey and weathered garden furniture
    • Kills mould and mildew
    • Award-winning product
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  3. Danish Oil
    Danish Oil

    A blend of natural oils & resins used to seal and finish all types of wood including teak, oak, m...

    From £9.95

    Danish Wood Oil is a unique blend of natural oils and resins that penetrate, and enhance the natural beauty of all wooden surfaces.

    • Suitable for use on all types of wood
    • Easy to apply and dries quickly
    • Durable: water and stain resistant
    • Provides an attractive, natural, satin finish
    • Helps prevent drying and deterioration
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  4. Teak Oil
    Teak Oil

    The best Wood Oil for garden furniture.

    From £13.95

    Teak Oil is a blend of natural drying oils which penetrate teak to protect and enhance, leaving a natural matt finish.

    • High quality teak oil to protect and restore indoor and outdoor teak
    • Recommended for all garden furniture
    • Replaces oils lost through weathering
    • Easy to use and fast drying - dries to an attractive natural matt finish
    • Helps to prevent drying, warping, splitting and deterioration
    • Suitable for use on all hard and exotic woods, in addition to teak
    • Provides UV protection
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  5. Cutting Board Oil
    Cutting Board Oil

    Food grade chopping board oil. Maintains, protects and restores chopping boards and more

    From £9.95

    Chopping Board Oil is the ideal solution to protect and restore chopping boards, butcher blocks and cutting boards.

    • Food grade oil, completely safe
    • Colourless, odourless and tasteless
    • Quick and easy to apply
    • Hydrates and seals to prevent cracking and drying
    • Protects, restores, and enhances the appearance
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  6. Boiled Linseed Oil
    Boiled Linseed Oil

    A beautiful oil to use with endless applications. Improved penetration, durability and drying time.

    From £9.95

    Boiled Linseed Oil is heat treated so it dries faster than regular linseed oil. It penetrates wood to form a tough finish, producing a natural lustre.

    • Superior quality oil forms hard-wearing finish
    • Enhances the natural grain and colour of the wood
    • Suitable for all types of wood (except exterior oak)
    • Forms an attractive, subtle, natural lustre
    • Seals and protects interior or exterior wood
    • Helps prevent drying and deterioration
    • Can also be used on stone, terracotta, and metal
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  7. Pure Tung Oil
    Pure Tung Oil

    Out Tung Oil is a hard wearing, water resistant oil for all indoor and outdoor wood.

    From £13.95

    Tung Oil is a hard wearing, water resistant oil for all indoor and outdoor wood.

    • 100% natural, non-toxic and food safe
    • Highly resistant to water and food stains
    • Helps to prevent drying and deterioration of wood
    • Dries to a natural matt finish
    • Good penetration into all types of wood
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  8. Ultimate Wood Maintenance Kit
    Ultimate Wood Maintenance Kit

    Cleaner, Beeswax, Danish Oil - the complete wood care package.


    This kit contains everything you need to clean, oil and wax all items of wood. 

    • Works on all types of wood (oak, pine, walnut, etc)
    • Great for waxing and oiling new wood
    • Can be used to restore wood back to new
    • Contains Wood Cleaner, Beeswax, Danish Oil
    • Contains all accessories too
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  9. Wood Oil Kit
    Wood Oil Kit

    The Wood Oil Kit includes everything you need for oiling all wooden surfaces.


    The complete kit when it comes to oiling and restoring all items of oiled wood.

    • Works on all types of wood
    • Can be used to oil new wood, or restore older wood
    • Contains our premium Danish Oil
    • Includes Wood Cleaner, Sanding Pads, Brushes, Cloths and more
    • Everything you need to restore wood 
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  10. Clear Decking Oil
    Clear Decking Oil

    Deeply Penetrates Wooden Decking to Enhance, Nourish & Protect


    Superior quality clear decking oil that deeply penetrates all types of wooden decking to enhance, nourish and protect

    • Advanced weather protection
    • Enhances the natural beauty of decking
    • Protects against wear & tear
    • Reduces fading and sun damage
    • Shower proof in two hours
    • Clear oil for a natural finish
    • 5 litre size covers 25m²
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  11. Cutting Board Maintenance Kit
    Cutting Board Maintenance Kit

    Use to restore and maintain all types of wooden chopping boards


    The perfect kit for keeping your chopping boards and kitchen utensils healthy and in good condition.

    • Made using food grade oil
    • Colourless, odourless, and tasteless products
    • Use to protect, maintain, and restore
    • Hydrates wood, preventing cracking and drying
    • Great for all types of wood
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  12. Marine Teak Restoration Kit
    Marine Teak Restoration Kit

    Used to clean, restore and protect worn and weathered marine teak.

    • Removes dirt, grease and grime from all marine teak
    • Kills mould and mildew
    • Restores grey and weathered marine teak to its natural colour
    • Protects the wood from discolouration, drying out and cracking
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  13. Cladding Oil
    Cladding Oil 5L

    A UV protection oil to protect and enhance all timber cladding


    A clear, UV protection oil that nourishes, protects, and enhances all types of timber cladding.

    • Reduces greying
    • Protects against sun damage
    • Great for Oak, Cedar and Larch
    • Protects against mould and algae
    • Enhances the look of all timber
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  14. Decking Oil Kit
    Decking Oil Kit

    Our Decking Oil Kit has been designed to provide you with the specialist tools and treatments tha...


    Contains all the products you need to clean and oil your decking

    • Cleans and protects decking
    • Revives, restores and nourishes decking
    • Quick acting Decking Cleaner that removes dirt, mould, and green staining
    • Superior quality Decking Oil that enhances the wood, prevents drying, and reduces fading
    • Specialist Decking Applicator Pad & Tray to speed up the application process
    • Suitable for all types of wood decking
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  15. Wood Wax & Polish
    Wood Wax & Polish

    Our Wood Wax & Polish is a specialist formula, designed to feed, protect & enhance the natural be...

    From £9.95

    An easy-to-use, wood wax polish for all wooden surfaces

    • Natural formula does not contain any silicone.
    • Infused with beeswax, carnauba wax and orange oil.
    • Prevents drying and deterioration.
    • Suitable for finished and unfinished wood.
    • Easy to use wood wax
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  16. Decking Applicator Pad Kit
    Decking Applicator Pad Kit

    For applying all types of decking oils and decking stains to smooth or grooved decking 


    A Decking Oil and Decking Stain Applicator suitible for smooth or grooved decking

    • Up to 5x faster than using a brush
    • Reaches into the grooves
    • Adjustable handle up to 1.4m long
    • Can also be used as a handheld applicator
    • Adjustable head for accurate application
    • Works with water-based and oil-based products
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  17. Cutting Board Conditioner
    Cutting Board Conditioner

    A traditional blend of mineral oils to restore and protect cutting boards, butcher blocks and woo...

    From £9.95
    • Contains FDA compliant, food-grade mineral oil
    • Natural waxes to maintain and protect
    • Contains beeswax and carnauba wax
    • Food safe formula, hydrates and prevents drying
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17 Items

About Wood Oil

Wood Oils are used for the treatment of wood. The soak deep into the wood enhancing the natural beauty, providing protection and making the wood easier to care-for and maintain.

There are a lot of different Wood Oil Treatments and it can be confusing to people what the best Wood Oil is for your timber. We recommend the following:

What Wood Oil is best for me?

Teak Oil for Garden Furniture – Teak Oil is specially formulated for use outdoors. It soaks into the wood providing nourishment and protection for the elements.

Danish Oil for Worktops – Our Danish Oil provides enhanced protection for water and stains, so is great for use on kitchen worktops.

Decking Oil for Decking – Specially formulated to enhance the decking but to also provide superior protection and maintenance.

Chopping Board Oil for Chopping Boards – Our specially formulated, Mineral Oil based finish is perfect for all chopping boards, butchers blocks and kitchen utensils.

Danish Oil for Doors – Its our hardest wearing Wood Oil Treatment and so perfect for doors that get a lot of use.

What about our other Wood Oil Treatments?

We also supply Tung Oil and Boiled Linseed Oil. Both of these oils can be used on all of the above items but choosing them is down to personal preference. Tung Oil is 100% natural so is perfect for people looking for an all-natural Wood Oil. Boiled Linseed Oil provides a deep finishing, darkening the wood and so its choice would be more for the aesthetic look.

If you would like to read more on the subject, we have a great blog post about choosing the right Wood Oil Finish.  

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