Professional Leather Repair Kits




A professional range of leather cleaning, repair and renovation kits offering an unmatched selection of leather repair solutions.

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  1. Pro Leather Repair Kit
    Pro Leather Repair Kit

    The professionals choice for repairing leather.


    Great Saving!

    Kit price saves over £70 on individual product price!

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  2. Mini Leather Repair Kit
    Mini Leather Repair Kit

    A small kit box that contains the necessary products to fix minor damage caused with day to day h...

  3. Leather Renovation Kit
    Leather Renovation Kit

    Designed to renovate old & worn out leather.


    The 'complete package' when it comes to cleaning, repairing & restoring leather.

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  4. Pro Leather Cleaning Kit
    Pro Leather Cleaning Kit

    Designed to professionally clean, condition & protect all leather items.


    The Leather Cleaning Kit is an ideal starter kit to offer a comprehensive cleaning service for all articles of leather. With a bulk supply of Furniture Clinic's main cleaning chemicals, this kit is the perfect solution to all cleaning needs.

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  5. Colour Matching Kit
    Colour Matching Kit

    Using our colour matching booklet, instructions and colourants you’ll easily match all colours of...

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    In this comprehensive kit you get all the product, tools and equipment you’ll ever need to make colour matching easy!

    • Colour Matching Booklet & User Guide
    • 15 x 250ml Standard Leather Colourant
    • 1 x 500ml White Leather Colourant
    • Scales: weigh to 2 decimal places for accurate weighing of Colourant
    • 500ml Matting Agent
    • 50 mixing cups
    • 50 stirrers
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5 Items

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