Door Oils

Door Oils

These door oils can all be used to help protect all timber doors from scuffs, scratches, hand prints, finger marks and general wear & tear. A door oil soaks into the wood, enhances the beauty of the grain and protects the wood, keeping the door looking better for longer.

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  1. Wood Oil Kit
    Wood Oil Kit

    The Wood Oil Kit includes everything you need for oiling all wooden surfaces.


    The complete kit when it comes to oiling and restoring all items of oiled wood.

    • Works on all types of wood
    • Can be used to oil new wood, or restore older wood
    • Contains our premium Danish Oil
    • Includes Wood Cleaner, Sanding Pads, Brushes, Cloths and more
    • Everything you need to restore wood 
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  2. Wood Wax & Polish
    Wood Wax & Polish

    Our Wood Wax & Polish is a specialist formula, designed to feed, protect & enhance the natural be...

    From £9.95

    An easy-to-use, wood wax polish for all wooden surfaces

    • Natural formula does not contain any silicone.
    • Infused with beeswax, carnauba wax and orange oil.
    • Prevents drying and deterioration.
    • Suitable for finished and unfinished wood.
    • Easy to use wood wax
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  3. Pure Tung Oil
    Pure Tung Oil

    Out Tung Oil is a hard wearing, water resistant oil for all indoor and outdoor wood.

    From £13.95

    Tung Oil is a hard wearing, water resistant oil for all indoor and outdoor wood.

    • 100% natural, non-toxic and food safe
    • Highly resistant to water and food stains
    • Helps to prevent drying and deterioration of wood
    • Dries to a natural matt finish
    • Good penetration into all types of wood
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  4. Danish Oil
    Danish Oil

    A blend of natural oils & resins used to seal and finish all types of wood including teak, oak, m...

    From £8.95

    Danish Wood Oil is a unique blend of natural oils and resins that penetrate, and enhance the natural beauty of all wooden surfaces.

    • Suitable for use on all types of wood
    • Easy to apply and dries quickly
    • Durable: water and stain resistant
    • Provides an attractive, natural, satin finish
    • Helps prevent drying and deterioration
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  5. Boiled Linseed Oil
    Boiled Linseed Oil

    A beautiful oil to use with endless applications. Improved penetration, durability and drying time.

    From £7.95

    Boiled Linseed Oil is heat treated so it dries faster than regular linseed oil. It penetrates wood to form a tough finish, producing a natural lustre.

    • Superior quality oil forms hard-wearing finish
    • Enhances the natural grain and colour of the wood
    • Suitable for all types of wood (except exterior oak)
    • Forms an attractive, subtle, natural lustre
    • Seals and protects interior or exterior wood
    • Helps prevent drying and deterioration
    • Can also be used on stone, terracotta, and metal
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About Door Oils

You won't typically find an oil called 'door oil'. This is because all the different types of wood oils are suitible for use on wooden doors. 

So when you are trying to select the best door oil for your door, you are best comparing the various types of wood oil for your needs. For an all round, hard wearing and long lasting oil, we recommend Danish Oil. It's easy to apply and looks great.

If you prefer an all natural oil, then Tung Oil is your best choice. We also do other suitible door oils, and the reason you might choose something else is for the desired look you want, such as Boiled Linseed Oil that will darken the wood and give it a slight golden tone.

So in summary, all our oils work great as door oils.

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