Leather Dyes & Restoration

Leather Dyes & Leather Restoration

A specialist range of products to dye leather and restore colour to leather items of any kind or re-colour leather completely. Perfect for restoring colour to leather car interiors, sofas, clothing and other leather goods that have suffered colour loss, scuffing or fading to the original colour.

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  1. Leather Recolouring Balm
    Leather Recolouring Balm

    Restores the colour of all leather items. Perfect for faded or scratched car interiors, sofas and...

    From £21.95

    A coloured leather balm, colour restorer and restoration cream 

    • Quickly and easily restores the colour to faded and scratched leather
    • Suitable for all types and colours of leather
    • Just apply the leather colour restorer with a cloth and buff until no colour transfer is seen
    • 16 colours available to match every shade
    • Quick, safe, and easy to use
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  2. Complete Leather Restoration Kit
    Complete Leather Restoration Kit

    Complete kit to clean, restore and protect your favourite leather items.

    From £46.95

    Leather cleaning, restoration and protection kit to restore the colour to all leather items

    • Includes our award-winning Leather Ultra Clean
    • Includes the amazing Leather Re-Colouring Balm
    • Includes Leather Protection Cream to protect from stains and spills
    • Clean, restore and protect sofas, car seats, clothing, handbags and more

    Purchase individually, this kit would cost over £60.

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  3. Leather Repair Kit
    Leather Repair Kit

    Repair small tears, scuffs & scratches, and touch up colour loss. Works on all items of leather a...

    From £26.95

    Leather Repair kit for repairing small tears, scuffs, scratches and to touch up colour loss to all items of leather or vinyl.

    • Simple and easy-to-use repair kit
    • Contains all you need to repair different types of damage
    • Matches any colour of leather
    • Suitable for all leather types and vinyl
    • No experience or technical ability required
    • Near invisible repairs achievable
    • For use on chairs and sofas, car seats, handbags and more
    • Long-lasting, hard-wearing repairs
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  4. Leather Colourant Kit
    Leather Colourant Kit

    To change the colour of leather or restore all worn & faded leather items

    From £59.95

    A complete kit designed for anyone to be able to change the colour of leather or restore all worn and faded leather items with no previous experience or technical ability. 

    • Perfect for repairing damage caused by colour loss or wear and tear
    • Contains everything you need for a DIY Professional leather colour repair at home
    • Same products used by professional upholsterers
    • Full simple step-by-step instructions included and tutorial videos available below
    • Can be used on all leather and is perfect for repairing leather colour damage on sofas, car interiors, shoes, jackets and much more.
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  5. Leather Repair Paint
    Leather Repair Paint

    Self seals in one application for a quick and easy repair.

    From £12.95

    Our all-in-one Leather Repair Paint colours and seals leather in one application

    • Extremely flexible & hard wearing
    • Available in any colour
    • No need for separate coat of finish
    • For quick, simple, and professional repairs
    • Colourfast and scuff resistant
    • Can be applied by sponge, brush, or spray
    • Formerly called Self Seal Colourant
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  6. Easy Leather Restoration Kit
    Easy Leather Restoration Kit

    Re-Colouring Balm + Ultra Clean; cleans and restores leather. A great value restoration kit.

    From £36.95

    Cleaning and colour restoration for absorbent leather in one great value package.

    • All-in-one kit, perfect for cleaning and restoring colour to scratched or faded leather
    • Quick, safe and easy-to-use
    • Includes our specialist leather cleaner designed to remove ingrained dirt with ease
    • Suitable for all colours of leather
    • The leather balm will restore colour to any leather 
    • Suitable for all leather; sofas, car interiors, shoes, clothes, and accessories!
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13 Items

Leather Dye Summary

Our range of leather dye and leather restoration products are designed for use on furniture, car interiors, clothes, shoes, handbags, and all other items of leather. A lot of people search for Leather Dye to restore or dye their leather, but this is not always the right type of product.

Products to dye leather

Leather Balm – Our Leather Re-Colouring Balm soaks into and dyes leather restoring the colour. This is great for fading, colour loss or light scuffs and scratches on all types of leather.

Products to restore leather

You can use the leather Balm as mentioned above.

Leather Colourant Kit – Often referred to as a Leather Dye Kit, but it does not actually dye the leather. Instead, it removes the old coatings applied in the tannery and allows you to restore the leather to the original colour or change the colour completely.

Leather Steering Wheel Restoration – Use this kit to restore leather steering wheels.

Painting Leather

If you’re looking to paint leather, then use our Leather Paint. This should be use for painting designs onto leather. If you’re looking for leather paint to repair leather, then check out our Leather Repair products.

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