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Our range of specialist stain removers for fabric items, such as carpets & upholstery. In this section, you will find products to remove common stains such as red wine and coffee, as well as products to help eliminate mould and odours.

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  1. Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner
    Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner

    All in one cleaner & stain remover for carpets, upholstery & clothing.

    From £14.95

    Water based and environmentally friendly, our all in one cleaner and stain remover is fast, effective, and safe to use on all fabric items.

    • Suitable for use on all fabrics, textiles, carpet & cloth
    • Environmentally friendly: made from plant extracts
    • Safe to use on delicate materials such as silk & wool
    • Two in One Cleaner & Stain Remover
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  2. Mould Remover
    Mould Remover

    Eliminates & Kills Mould On Contact.

    From £9.95
    • Powerful all in one mould remover, suitable for use on all types of leather, wood and fabric
    • Eliminates mould and associated odour on contact
    • Prevents mould growth from recurring
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  3. Stain & Odour Eliminator
    Stain & Odour Eliminator

    Kills urine on contact, removing the stain and smell.

    From £8.95

    Kills urine on contact, removing the stain and smell.

    • Safe to use around people and pets

    • Uses enzymes to neutralise urine odour

    • Eradicates odour, including from older accidents

    • Works on a range of surfaces, including carpets

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  4. Red Wine Stain Remover 500ml
    Red Wine Stain Remover 500ml

    For effectively removing stubborn staining caused by red wine, curry, fizzy & fruit drinks.


    Specifically designed cleaner to remove red wine, fizzy drinks, and fruit juice. Safe and effective to use on all types of fabric.

    • Removes stubborn stains caused by red wine, fizzy drinks, and fruit juice
    • Can be used on carpets, upholstery and all other fabric, including wool and silk
    • Penetrates into the fabric for deep cleaning
    • Safe to use water-based formula
    • Removes old, dried in stains
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  5. Urine & Odour Remover - Neutralise & Eliminate odours
    Urine & Odour Remover - Neutralise & Eliminate odours

    Cleans & removes strong odours and stains caused by children, pets & general accidents

    From £8.95

    Completely eliminates strong and persisitent odours

    • Used to completely remove odours and staining caused by urine and other strong lasting smells
    • Eradicates odours new and old
    • Removes staining
    • Neutralises odour on contact
    • Suitable for carpet, cars, clothing , leather and wood surfaces
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