Specialist tools and accessories to aid in the cleaning, repairing and restoring of all leather items with ease

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  1. Ultimate Cleaning Bundle
    Ultimate Cleaning Bundle

    Everything you need to get the best results cleaning leather


    Everything you need to get the best results whilst cleaning leather.

    • Leather Cleaning Brush
    • Applicator Sponges
    • Microfibre Cloth
    • Helps makes cleaning quicker and easier
    • Helps get the best results possible
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  2. Cleaning Bundle
    Cleaning Bundle

    5 Cleaning Sponges and 2 Applicator Sponges

  3. Applicator Sponges
    Applicator Sponges

    Great value 2 pack of our ultra soft terry towel applicator sponges.

    • Great value
    • Soft and gentle
    • Highly Absorbent
    • Perfect for applying balms & creams
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  4. Microfibre Cloth
    Microfibre Cloth

    Premium, dual-purpose applicator cloth for leather.

    From £4.50

    High quality microfibre cloth, ideal for applying cleaning & protection products to your leather.

    • Lint-free
    • Soft and gentle
    • Washable
    • Perfect for use when cleaning and protecting leather
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  5. Cleaning Brush
    Cleaning Brush

    For cleaning leather and fabric, this brush makes quick work of cleaning at a great price.


    Makes cleaning leather and fabric easier and quicker

    • Produces a deeper clean
    • Makes cleaning quicker and easier
    • Penetrates into the grain of the leather to deep clean
    • Soft, gentle cleaning action - cleans without damage to the surface
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  6. Leather Edge Coat Applicator
    Leather Edge Coat Applicator

    Easy-to-use tool for painting the edges of leather


    An Edge Coat Applicator which gives a smooth and more consistent finish when painting the edges of leather.

    • Quick and easy to use
    • Gives a smooth, consistent finish
    • Use to apply leather edge paints and finishes
    • Easy to clean
    • Works on raw or coated edges
    • Ideal tool for use in leather craft
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  7. Wool Dauber (Pack of 5)
    Wool Dauber (Pack of 5)

    Great for applying leather and suede dyes


    The Wool Dauber is the best tool for applying dyes to leather and suede.

    • Provides a smooth and even finish
    • Used by leather crafters and professionals
    • 125mm metal handle
    • 20mm diameter wool head


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  8. Suede Brush
    Suede Brush

    Brass wire suede brush used for cleaning all items of suede, including shoes, clothing, handbags ...


    Cleaning brush for quickly and easily cleaning all items of suede

    • Brush out loose dirt from suede
    • Restore the suede nap
    • Cleans suede shoes, sofas, handbags, clothing and more
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  9. Foam Brushes
    Foam Brushes

    For applying dyes and paints to leather and wood.


    For applying dyes and paints to leather and wood.

    • Four piece set of various size brushes
    • Ideal for applying paint, dye and stains
    • Ideal for applying oil and varnishes
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  10. Cleaning Sponges
    Cleaning Sponges

    Hand-sized sponge used for cleaning any surface.

    From £3.95

    Hand-sized sponge used for cleaning any surface.

    • Ideal for cleaning leather
    • Fits the hand perfectly for easy application 
    • Disc shaped sponge - 11.5cm x 2cm
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  11. Lint Free Cotton Cloth 10kg
    Lint Free Cotton Cloth 10kg

    For buffing & wiping down leather.

    • 100% Cotton
    • Cleaned & Bleached remnants of sheeting
    • Ideal for polishing and buffing sirfaces
    • Supplied in a 10kg bag
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  12. Terry Towels 8kg
    Terry Towels 8kg

    Absorbent terry towel for all cleaning applications.


    Cleaned & bleached remnants of towelling; our Terry Towels are extra thick and absorbent and so are great for all cleaning requirements. 

    • Supplied in a 8kg bag
    • Various shapes and sizes
    • Great for polishing & buffing all surfaces
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