Spraying Equipment

Spraying Equipment

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  1. Airbrush

    Small airbrush for all types of spraying.

  2. TG2 Pro Spray Gun
    TG2 Pro Spray Gun

    For precision paint spraying.

  3. Airbrush Propellant Can
    Airbrush Propellant Can

    For powering the airbrush.

    From £6.95

    The airbrush propellant can is a gas can used to propel the Airbrush when spraying products such as dyes, paints and finishes.

    The can is a large 400ml can and is enough to roughly spray product onto 1 car seat or other item of a similar size.

    We cannot send these cans via Royal Mail and so you must select a courier option when checking out.

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  4. Mini Air Compressor
    Mini Air Compressor

    Mini air compressor for airbrush work. Available to hire in UK Only.

    From £150.00
  5. 30ml Mixing Cup - 80 Pack
    30ml Mixing Cup - 80 Pack

    Small cup with a scale up the side in ml used for mixing paints.

    From £4.50
  6. Dual Cartridge Respirator
    Dual Cartridge Respirator

    For protection against gases and vapours.


6 Items

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