Leather Repair

Leather Repair

Leather repair products and kits specifically developed to repair all types of damage to leather, including rips, burns, scuffs and scratches. Popular use of our products is for leather sofa repair and leather car seat repair, and you can be assured of a strong leather repair as our products have been developed over nearly two decades to bring you the best leather repair products possible.

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  1. Leather Recolouring Balm
    Leather Recolouring Balm

    Restores the colour of all leather items. Perfect for faded or scratched car interiors, sofas and...

    From £21.95

    A coloured leather balm, colour restorer and restoration cream 

    • Quickly and easily restores the colour to faded and scratched leather
    • Suitable for all types and colours of leather
    • Just apply the leather colour restorer with a cloth and buff until no colour transfer is seen
    • 16 colours available to match every shade
    • Quick, safe, and easy to use
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  2. Leather Repair Kit
    Leather Repair Kit

    Repair small tears, scuffs & scratches, and touch up colour loss. Works on all items of leather a...

    From £26.95

    Leather Repair kit for repairing small tears, scuffs, scratches and to touch up colour loss to all items of leather or vinyl.

    • Simple and easy-to-use repair kit
    • Contains all you need to repair different types of damage
    • Matches any colour of leather
    • Suitable for all leather types and vinyl
    • No experience or technical ability required
    • Near invisible repairs achievable
    • For use on chairs and sofas, car seats, handbags and more
    • Long-lasting, hard-wearing repairs
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  3. Leather Repair Paint
    Leather Repair Paint

    Self seals in one application for a quick and easy repair.

    From £12.95

    Our all-in-one Leather Repair Paint colours and seals leather in one application

    • Extremely flexible & hard wearing
    • Available in any colour
    • No need for separate coat of finish
    • For quick, simple, and professional repairs
    • Colourfast and scuff resistant
    • Can be applied by sponge, brush, or spray
    • Formerly called Self Seal Colourant
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9 Items

Leather Car Seat & Leather Sofa Repair

Two of the main items we repair are leather car seats and leather sofas. So we've made sure our specialist range of products works brilliantly on both items. Our leather repair products can be used to make repairs to all other items of leather.

Leather Sofa Repair

If you're looking to repair a leather sofa, we have a huge range of specialist leather repair products available. From repairing a small scuff or scratch, to restoring the colour to faded and damaged items of leather. Our products can be used to fix any colour and type of leather sofa, so it doesn't matter what your leather sofa is made from, you'll be able to fix it using Furniture Clinic leather sofa repair products.

From children and pets, to accidental damage, a leather sofa is used daily and takes a lot of wear & tear. Our complete range of leather sofa repair products have been designed to not only simply and easily repair a leather sofa, but also stand the test of time. So once you have spent your time making a leather sofa repair, you can rest assured that the Furniture Clinic products used will withstand all the day to day usage of your sofa.

Leather Car Seat Repair

If you need to repair a leather car seat, the same leather repair products can be used. We have developed a specialist range of products for leather repair over many years that have been featured in many car magazines. These include specialist products for leather steering wheel repair, as well as our best-selling leather car seat repair products.

Leather car seats suffer a tremendous amount of wear & tear, are damaged by UV rays from the sun, and can suffer from stains and spills. All of our leather care seat repair products have been designed with this in mind, so from the moment you have repaired your leather car seat, you can be comforted to know that the products will bend and flex with the leather, providing you with a long-lasting car seat repair.

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