Staining Garden Furniture

Staining Garden Furniture

In todays blog we’ll be looking at garden furniture stains and comparing whether to restore your garden furniture you need to use a stain, or if an oil will suffice.

Garden furniture wood stain

Garden furniture weathers very quickly and becomes faded, and often fades to a greyish colour. When this happens most people’s first thought is to stain the garden furniture using an Exterior Wood Stain.

Staining the garden furniture would give the furniture a new colour, however the wood can sometimes be restored using wood cleaners and an oil. In this blog we’ll discuss when to stain and when to restore garden furniture.

Restoring garden furniture

If your garden furniture has faded and turned grey, the original colour can be restored using our Teak Cleaner and Teak Oil. We’ve packaged both into our Garden Furniture Restoration Kit, which also includes cloths, brush and all the accessories you’ll need to restore your garden furniture.

Using the cleaner will remove the grey colour from the wood and revive the original colour, and the oil then enhances and protects the wood. The photo below shows what results can be achieved using these products.

Restored Garden Table

Above:You might not believe it, but this table and chairs have been restored. No garden furniture stain has been applied! There photos were sent into us by a happy customer! 

Staining garden furniture

Using an Exterior Wood Stain is for those who want to change the colour of the wood. Our stain is available in over 20 colours, so you have a wide range of stains to choose from.

The stain can still be used in conjunction with the Restoration Kit, as whenever you stain garden furniture you need to make sure it has been properly cleaned and prepared first, ready for the stain to soak in.

The stain can be applied with a cloth or brush, soaks into the wood instantly and then takes about 10 minutes to dry. The below photo shows how you can use the Exterior Wood Stain to change the colour of your garden furniture.

Garden Furniture Wood Stain

Benefits of a garden furniture wood stain

There are many benefits to staining garden furniture.

  • Protection: Once stained, wood is more water repellent and resistant to being damaged by weathering.
  • Vibrant: Staining wood brings out the natural grain in the wood greatly improving the woods appearance.
  • Colourful: There are many colour to choose from so you’re able to stain your garden furniture to match your garden design.
  • Resilience: Once stained, the wood will be easier to clean and maintain, helping to keep your garden furniture looking newer for longer.

How to use garden furniture wood stains

Rather than explain this in detail, you’re best watching this great video we recently made showing how we restored this garden bench. To do it we used the Exterior Wood Stain in Velvet, along with all the components of the Garden Furniture Restoration Kit to get some amazing results.

The main takeaway from the video though is preparation; make sure to clean and sand the wood thoroughly before applying the stain. This is the best thing you can do to ensure you get great results.

For a more indepth look into using our Exterior Wood Stain, check out our blog all about that - How to use Exterior Wood Stain.