Update on our Environmental Initiatives

We’ve had our ISO14001 certification for our Environmental Management System for over a year now, so this blog is to update you on what we have done since we last updated you in our November blog about the circular economy.

Our Products and Packaging

Wherever we can, we are changing our products and our packaging to be more sustainable.

For example, you may have noticed we have started using paper tape on our parcels, which is one of our latest initiatives to reduce our packaging's carbon footprint.

Using Paper Tape to Pack Parcels

Likewise, the packaging peanuts we now use to pack our larger boxes are made of cornstarch so are 100% biodegradable and compostable. They will dissolve in water, so can be flushed down the toilet or washed down the sink rather than sending them to landfill.

Using Cornstarch to Pack Items in our Larger Boxes

In 2022, we changed our bottles to being made from 100% recycled plastic, and this year we have gone one step further as they are now made from Prevented Ocean Plastic (POP). POP is recycled plastic that is made from discarded bottles which are collected within 30 miles of an ocean coastline (or major waterway that feeds into the ocean). In addition to the environmental benefits in that the plastic does not enter the ocean and cause harm to wildlife, the collection of the plastic is done by, and benefits, the local communities involved.

In terms of our products, we have substituted plastic cups in our kits for paper ones as part of our purchasing policy which restricts the use of single use plastics. And earlier this year, we converted our Leather Cleaning Wipes to a biodegradable and compostable version.

Our Factory

We’re always looking for ways to improve the workplace for employees and, in March 2023, following suggestions from staff we decided to plant some more trees within our extensive grounds. We picked a selection of 15 trees from The Woodland Trust (a mixture of Crab Apple, Rowan, and Hazel), as well as some protective tubes as we’re lucky enough to have a family of deer who visit us regularly. This is the first time that we have planted trees on the land and we are already planning to plant some more in this autumn.

We’ve also changed the lights in our canteen to be LED, working on a motion sensor, and we are continuing to changing other lighting as different parts of the factory get refurbished.

Our Business Practices

As a company, our aim is to get our products to be carbon neutral but recognise that this will be quite a long journey. Therefore, we are starting with the company and are currently in the process of measuring our Carbon Footprint. Once confirmed, we will then seek ways to offset it.

For example, we have a new Travel & Emisssions policy which records all of our business travel so we can measure the carbon footprint of our travel. This is just one of the stepping stones we will be putting in place to become carbon neutral.

What Can You Do?

Furniture Clinic’s products will help you to not only extend the life of fabric, wood and leather items, but also to repair and restore them. Don’t replace, but repair! We have multiple DIY kits to help you do this or, if the job at hand seems too daunting, don’t forget we have a network of technicians throughout the UK who can re-upholster, clean, repair and restore as required.

Work together with us to extend the life of our planet through upcycling and make sure you play your part in the circular economy!