How to Dye Suede Shoes

Before and after of suede shoes dyed with Suede Dye

In this blog, we will discuss how to use our Suede Dye to change the colour of suede shoes.

The benefits of using our Suede Dye to dye suede shoes

Our Suede Dye is an easy to use, highly concentrated liquid used to dye suede in one simple application.

It penetrates deep into the fibres, and can be used to enhance, restore, and brighten the colour to worn and faded suede shoes, or to change the colour to a completely new colour.

After the Suede Dye has been applied and dried, the suede becomes completely colour fast and will not fade or rub off.

How to dye suede shoes – watch the video

Step 1. Clean the shoes

Before cleaning, use the Suede Brush to remove any loose dirt and raise the nap on any flattened areas – this will also help the Suede Dye to penetrate the fibres and allow for a more even coverage.

After brushing the suede, clean the shoes using the Suede Cleaner.

Apply the Suede Cleaner onto a cloth and rub to remove any further dirt or staining.

Our Suede Cleaner has been designed to remove dirt and grime from the suede, without causing damage or altering the look or feel of shoes.

Once cleaned and dry, use the Suede Brush again to raise the nap.

Step 2. Apply the Suede Dye to the shoes

Apply the Suede Dye to a Wool Dauber and rub into the suede in all directions.

A wool dauber is perfect for applying our Suede Dye as the wool holds a large amount of dye and applies it evenly to leather.

Although you can use a sponge or cloth, a dauber will allow you to achieve a more even and uniform colour, giving you a much better finish. You can also use a paint brush for any finer details.

It is best to allow the suede to dry naturally at room temperature so that it dries evenly. We do not recommend applying heat with a hairdryer as this can cause the dye to migrate and to dry patchy.

Once the Suede Dye has started to dry, using the Suede Brush, gently brush the suede in all directions to raise the fibres. After brushing the shoe, use a clean cloth to buff the surface and remove any excess dye. If you prefer a deeper colour, simply apply another coat of dye.

Step 3. Apply Suede Protector

After dying the suede, we recommend protecting the shoes with the Suede Protector.

Spray the protector onto the suede so that the surface becomes wet and allow to dry.

Protecting the suede will help keep it in better condition for longer, as the protector will repel dirt and staining. It is great for suede shoes too as it will help stop the rain from wetting them.

As well as working great on shoes, our Suede Dye can be used on clothes, handbags, and larger items of suede, such as furniture.

We currently supply the Suede Dye in Black, Dark Brown, and Navy Blue.