Staining Wood

In this section of our blog we discuss how to stain wood using our wide range of wood stains. We also look into tips and techniques, the various types of wood stain and how to get the best results when staining wood.

Our most popular stain is our Wood Stain, that can be used on interior and exterior wood. However, we also do a specialist Exterior Wood Stain that is available in a larger range of wood stain colours, better suited for gardens. If you have decking or fences, you'll get great results with our Decking Stain and Fence Stain.


How to Stain Wood

How to stain wood

Whether the surface of your work/table top has worn, the colour of your garden shed and decking has faded or you’re simply looking to change the colour of a wooden piece of furniture, a wood stain may be what you’re looking for.

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