How to use Exterior Wood Stain

How to use Exterior Wood Stain

In this blog we’re going to show you how to stain garden furniture using our Exterior Wood Stain. We’ll be sanding, cleaning, staining, and oiling the wood to restore it to its former glory.

Using Exterior Wood Stain – watch the video

Restoring vs Staining Wood

If you like the colour of your wood as it currently is, or if it has just weathered and turned a greyish colour, then you can restore this using our Garden Furniture Restoration Kit. This kit will remove any green staining from wood and bring back the original honey colour to wood that has turned grey.

Whereas when it comes to staining wood you can use the Exterior Wood Stain to change the colour of the wood, which we’ll explore more in this blog.

Step 1 – Preparation before staining

The most important step when it comes to staining exterior wood is to prepare the wood first. To do this we’ll first sand the wood to remove any loose or flaking wood stain (from previous applications), and we’ll then clean the wood using the Teak Cleaner which will remove any green staining from the wood.

When sanding, start using a coarse Sanding Pad (equivalent to p240 paper), which will remove any old finishes and also start to make the wood feel smoother. Once its been sanded with the coarse pad, use the fine pad to give the wood a lovely and smooth feel. If you have an electric sander, you can also use this too.

Once sanded, use the Teak Cleaner to clean off any remaining dirt, dust and grime. This product is also great for removing green staining caused by algae.

Cleaning Exterior Wood

Step 2 – Staining the wood

Shake the bottle of Exterior Wood Stain thoroughly and pour it into a bowl. If you’re wondering what colour we’re using here, it’s the colour ‘velvet’ which has a really deep reddish brown hue.

Dip a Foam Brush into the stain and wipe it onto the wood following the direction of the grain. The stain soaks in instantly, completely changing the colour of the wood in just one application. It takes 10 minutes to dry, at which point you can then sand it gently using a De-nibbing Pad; this will remove any imperfections in the finish such as dust that may have settled on the wood as you stained it.

Once you’ve applied one coat, you can then apply a second to create a darker colour if needed.

Exterior Wood Stain

Step 3 – Using Teak Oil after staining

Teak Oil is the best oil for outdoor wood, which is why we’ve chose it for sealing in and protecting the Exterior Wood Stain. Apply it using the Foam Brush and leave to dry. For best protection you should apply three coats in total, sanding in between coats with a De-nibbing Pad.

Applying Teak Oil

Staining Garden Furniture – the results

We’re so pleased with how this project turned out, and with over 20 colours of Exterior Wood Stain to choose from, you can stain your items of exterior wood to suit your garden design.

Exterior Wood Stain Results