How to use Wood Floor Cleaner

Using Wood Floor Cleaner

Using Wood Floor Cleaner

In this blog we’ll take a close look at our Wood Floor Cleaner, how to use it, and look at some general wood floor cleaning tips.

How to use Wood Floor Cleaner – Video

This video shows you how to use our Wood Floor Cleaner and demonstrates it on a dark oak wooden board with a lacquered finish.


What types of wooden floor can you clean?

Our Wood Floor Cleaner can be used to clean all types of wooden flooring. It has been formulated so it is safe to use on all types of wood (oak, walnut, maple etc) and on all finishes of wood. It is commonly used to clean the following types of flooring:

  • Parquet flooring
  • Lacquered or varnished wooden floors
  • Oiled wooden flooring (including UV Oil)
  • Waxed wooden flooring
  • Hardwood, and softwood flooring
  • Engineered boards
  • Solid wooden floors

It can also be used on all other types of wooden flooring.

How to clean wooden floors – the basics

Vacuum the floor to remove any loose dirt and dust.

Our Wood Floor Cleaner can either be used with a mop and bucket, or for best results we recommend using a Spray Mop.

The cleaner dilutes with water at a ratio of 9:1, which turns our handy sized 500ml bottle into 5 litres of wood floor cleaner! This amount of cleaner will clean over 1000m2 of floors, making it extremely economical.

Cleaning the floor

For best results we recommend using the Spray Mop, so the instruction to clean the floor are based around this.

Pour the diluted Wood Floor Cleaner into the spray mop container (or mix it in there directly).

Simply squeeze the trigger on the handle of the mop, which will spray out a controlled amount of Wood Floor Cleaner onto the floor. This is important as the mop is designed to spray out a safe amount of cleaner. It is too easy to wet a wooden floor when using a mop and bucket, which can cause the joints in the floor to swell and split open. The mop sprays out a safe to use amount of cleaner so you never need to worry about this happening.

Pass the mop head over the cleaner you sprayed out, and the microfibre pad will absorb the dirt from the floor. Do this over the entire floor, spraying and mopping a section at a time until the floor is complete.

Once the floor has been cleaned, it should only take about 10 minutes for the floor to dry. The cleaner has been specifically designed for cleaning wooden floors, so will clean the dirt off leaving your floor streak free and with the original finish (sheen level) in place. i.e. it is not designed to make your floors shiny or matt, but rather clean the dirt off to restore them to their original finish.

How to clean wood floors

Maintaining a wooden floor

Once you have cleaned the floor, you should then protect the finish. Protecting the floor will:

  • Help reduce fading
  • Help reduce wear & tear
  • Help repel stains and spills
  • Keep the flooring looking nicer and newer

If your floor has an oiled finish, use our Wood Floor Maintenance Oil to protect the wood.

If your floor is lacquered or varnished then use our Wood Floor Polish. You could also use the Polish on unfinished wooden flooring too, but if your floor has a waxed finish you would need to use one of our Wood Floor Waxes for that.