The Benefits of Using Wood Floor Polish

Wood Floors bring a luxurious feel to home and office spaces, but as wood is a natural material, it can stain, mark and damage if not cared for properly. Wood floors either come in solid wood or engineer wood; both are very expensive to buy and install, and so protecting and maintaining the floor should be high priority on any wood floor owners list.

We’ve made this simple with our Wood Floor Polish, and explore some of the benefits of using it in this blog.  

Reasons to use our Wood Floor Polish

POLISHES. Our Wood Floor Polish is designed to add a subtle yet attractive sheen to the wood but can be polished to a high shine if desired. It also restores the sheen to any dull and faded areas.

PROTECTS. It adds a protective finish to the wood which helps repel stains and spills, prevent scuffs and scratches, and reduce the damaging effects of wear & tear in high traffic areas. This protective barrier not only makes wood flooring easier to clean with our Wood Floor Cleaner, but also helps keep the floor in the best condition possible.

RESTORES. Our Wood Floor Polish can also be used to rejuvenate older wood floors too. It soaks in and fills any micro scratches in the wood, helping to even out and smooth the finish, and improve the appearance. The Polish will also restore the shine to any dull and faded areas of flooring too.

NON-SLIP. It contains the right balance of ingredients to create a smooth finish, but none that would make the floor slippery when applied correctly.

WATER-BASED. Our Wood Floor Polish is water-based, so is safe to use around people and pets.

EASY TO USE. After cleaning with our Wood Floor Cleaner, squirt the Polish directly onto the floor and use a Microfibre Mop (with a clean mop pad) to spread the Polish evenly and thinly across the floor, wiping sideways against the grain, then wipe following the direction of the grain for a lovely smooth finish.

NO BUFFING REQUIRED. Once dry, our Wood Floor Polish does not need to be buffed or polished.

This photo shows a dark oak floor with a lacquered finish that has been cleaned with our Wood Floor Cleaner, and then polished using our Wood Floor Polish.

What is Wood Floor Polish Suitable for?

Our Wood Floor Polish can be used to clean all types of wooden flooring.

It is safe to use on all types of wood flooring such as Oak, Walnut, Maple, and flooring made from all other types of wood:

  • Lacquered wood flooring
  • Varnished wood flooring
  • Engineered wood flooring
  • Hardwood flooring
  • Softwood flooring

If you have an oiled wooden floor, use our Maintenance Oil.

Other features of our Wood Floor Polish

Drying Time: 30 minutes
Coverage: 50m² per 500ml
Coats: One coat
Maintenance: Every six months
Application: Apply with a Microfibre Mop

Wood Floor Polish Overview

Our Wood Floor Polish has been developed to meet the high standards expected of high-quality wooden flooring.

It will help to maintain and protect your wooden flooring from wear & tear, repel all types of liquid staining, and help to keep it looking in the best condition possible.