How to clean oiled wood floors

oiled wood floor cleaner

About oiled wood floors

Oiled wood floors can be made from solid hardwood, or engineer boards. To gain the ‘oiled finish’ the wood is treated with a Wood Floor Oil, which will enhance the colour and grain of the wood, as well as helping to protect and maintain the floor.

People chose to use oiled wood flooring for the aesthetic appeal, and the ease of repair for when the oil starts to wear off. Oils aren’t as hard wearing finishes for flooring when compared to varnishes or lacquers, and so when you clean the floor you need to make sure you use the right Wood Floor Cleaner, and the right cleaning technique.

If you don’t have oiled wood, we also have a complete range of Floor Cleaners for all other types of flooring.

Oiled floor cleaning – video

For ease, we have a great video that shows you how to clean and maintain oiled wood floors.


How to clean oiled wood floors

For the best results, and to clean safely, we recommend using our Wood Floor Cleaner and Spray Mop. The Spray Mop sprays out a controlled amount of cleaner so you can never over-wet the floor, which is crucial on oiled wooden floors.

Shake the bottle of Wood Floor Cleaner and pour 50ml into the spray mop container. Then top this up with 450ml of water. This container of floor cleaner is then enough to clean 100m2 of flooring (more than the average size UK house).

Spray the cleaner onto the floor and push the mop over it, there is no need to apply heavy pressure. Do this over the entire floor and then leave it for 5-10 mins to dry.

If you have a stain on your floor, such as black marks from shoes you can use the Wood Floor Cleaner neat to remove these. Simply apply some directly onto a cloth and rub the mark to remove it.

Maintaining the oiled finish

After cleaning your oiled wood floor, you need to think about protecting the floor and maintaining the oiled finish. To do this, use our Maintenance Oil. If your floor is brand new, you should apply this straight away as it will help keep the floor in its best condition.

The Maintenance Oil will help to restore any dull patches and repair any micro scratches on older floors. On all flooring it will protect the oiled finish. It protects the finish from liquid staining and wear & tear.

Using the Maintenance Oil is a crucial part in any oiled wooden floor care regime. Simply squirt it onto the floor and wipe it in with the mop. Leave the floor untouched for 30 minutes for the floor to dry and you can start to use the floor again.

You should re-apply the oil once every six months. On heavily used areas of the floor, such as walk ways, the oil may wear off these more quickly, so you can also re-apply the Maintenance Oil whenever you see that the floor needs it.