What does our Leather Repair Kit do?

Repairing a hole in leather

Using our Leather Repair Kit, repairing scuffs, scratches and tears in leather can be quick and easy, despite what is commonly thought!

In this blog, we will explain how to use the products in our Leather Repair Kit and show you what you can do.

Leather Repair

We ha ve a full range of products for repairing leather, in this blog we look at our Leather Repair Kit, but we have a whole range of other products for repairing leather, which you can find in the Leather Repair category of our website.

Scuff & Scratch Repair

As with all leather repairs, the first step is to ensure the area is free from dirt and contaminants. To do this, take the Leather Prep Pad and clean the damaged area. After cleaning, any rough areas should be sanded smooth. Once the rough areas have been smoothed, areas of loss to the leather should be filled out using the Heavy Filler and then sanded again.

After the repair - The repair kit contains a 50ml bottle of Leather Repair Paint (colour selected on ordering) and several tints, along with a colour matching guide to create a perfect match for your leather. Once a suitable match has been achieved, simply apply a small amount of the matched repair paint to the area being repaired, ensuring the entire area is covered.

The image on the left shows scratches in a leather car seat bolster. The image on the right is the same area after using the Leather Repair Kit in black.

Hole Repair

Once the leather is thoroughly cleaned, you can start the repair by using the Leather Glue in the kit to secure the sub-patch to the underside of the leather. This technique re-creates the backing of the leather, making for a strong repair. You can then use the Heavy Filler to fill any gaps/holes in the leather and apply the colour-matched colourant for an almost invisible repair.

Scuffs, scratches and holes are commonly found on the cushions and bolsters of a leather car seat. If you are carrying out a repair to a leather car seat, this guide might be helpful – leather car seat repair.

The hole in this leather car seat has been filled and recoloured.

A cigarette burn had created a hole in the leather. After trimming the around the burnt edges, the hold was repaired and recoloured using the products in our Leather Repair Kit.

Tear Repair

Before using any of the products in the leather repair kit, take a scalpel or a pair of scissors and trim the worn edges off the tear, making for a cleaner edge. You can then follow the same process as you would to repair a hole in the leather.

If you are carrying out a leather sofa repair, we have a dedicated guide on how to do this – leather sofa repair.

Colour Loss Repair

For small areas of colour loss, you can use the Leather Repair Paint in the kit to restore the colour.

Our Leather Repair Paint combines the flexibility, coverage, and quality of our standard Leather Colourant with the self-sealing properties of our Leather Finish.

When buying the kit, select the colour that best matches your leather. You can then match all shades of this colour with the kit from light to dark.

Detailed colour matching instructions are included in the kit.

As well as repairing the hole in this leather cushion, the colour has been matched and restored using the Leather Repair Paints and tints that are included in the repair kit.

Our Complete Leather Repair Kit has been designed to be quick and easy to use, allowing everyone to be able to achieve great leather repairs at home, regardless of experience or technical ability.

You can use the Leather Repair Kit to repair small areas of damage to sofas, cars, clothing, handbags and all other leather items.