This how-to guide explains how to clean leather, specifically how to clean a leather sofa. We've chosen a white leather sofa to clean too; as white leather shows the dirt the most and as such is the toughest colour of leather to clean.

As you'll read below, or see by watching the video, our Leather Cleaner is one of the best leather cleaners and so makes easy work of cleaning all types of leather. If you're looking for more general information about cleaning leather sofas, we also have a blog about this - Leather Sofa Cleaner

How to clean a white leather sofa - watch the video

Leather Cleaning Products

To clean leather you need to use our Leather Cleaner. This is a very effective leather sofa cleaner that deep cleans into the grain removing all dirt and grime from leather. Safe to use on all leather types except suede & nubuck, with outstanding results.

When cleaning a leather sofa, it is always best to clean leather with a foam, rather than a liquid. Cleaning leather with foam is safer as it reduces the chances of bleach type marks and streaks, more importantly though, foam cleaning leather is a lot more effective than using liquids. Below, we'll demonstrate how to clean leather using this method.

Using the leather cleaner

Pour the Leather Cleaner onto a sponge and agitate it to create foam. Always apply the cleaner into a sponge and not directly onto the leather. A Foaming Bottle can be used to create foam for you. This works more quickly and makes the leather cleaning process easier.

Rub the sponge into the leather in a circular motion to loosen the dirt. As the dirt is removed, the foam will absorb it stopping it from being transferred around the leather.

Once the dirt has been lifted, wipe the leather clean using a Microfibre Cloth. This will remove any excess cleaning foam and dirt from the leather surface.

You can see the area of this leather sofa we have cleaned using our Leather Cleaner.

Deep cleaning the leather

Most leathers should clean very well with a sponge. However, if your leather is very dirty, light coloured or has dirt in the grain, you will find it much easier cleaning the leather with a Leather Cleaning Brush. The brush gets deep into the grain of the leather and helps lift out the dirt and grime with ease.

After cleaning, the next step is to protect & condition the leather. Protecting the leather after cleaning has many benefits, the most important being that the Protection Cream will hold the dirt on the surface making the leather much easier to clean the next time.

How to clean leather - the results

The below is a series of photos customers have sent into us showing the results they have achieved using our Leather Cleaner.

This photo shows a light grey car interior where they have cleaned parts of the seat. We also have a specific guide showing you how to use our Car Leather Cleaner.

This white leather sofa was very dirty and hard to clean. So to make cleaning the leather easier, you should use a Leather Cleaning Brush to work the dirt out of the grain. This will greatly speed up the time it takes to clean your leather sofa.

The photo above shows the white leather sofa cushion with ingrained dirt and grime.

The leather has been cleaned along the stitch lines to show the effectiveness of the product and just why it makes an excellent leather furniture cleaner. The comparison from the left cushion (cleaned) to the right is drastic and shows the importance of cleaning your leather sofa regularly.

You can also see that as leather gets dirty, it can become slightly shiny. Giving the leather a good clean removes the shine and the dirt, restoring the leather to its original condition.

This ivory colour car seat has been cleaned on the left hand side.

Again, you can see that the dirty leather on the right is shiny. Giving the leather a thorough clean removes the dirt, and removes the dirty shine.

If leather your is naturally shiny the cleaner will not remove the shine, it will restore it to its natural state.

It is an excellent cleaner, for both leather sofas and cars.