Using our Car Leather Cleaner

Leather car seat cleaner

Leather Car Seat Cleaner

Our Leather Cleaner works on all types of leather, not just leather car seats, although we have been an active company in the UK automotive industry for almost 20 years. In this time our Leather Cleaner has won many product awards including receiving 20/20 by Classics Monthly Magazine who voted it the best leather car seat cleaner, and also a recommendation badge by Practical Classics Magazine.

When it comes to cleaning leather car seats though, you should always clean first, and then protect. This is the best maintenance regime for leather car seats and we highly recommend adopting this practice. To do this, we have packaged (at about 20% off) our Leather Ultra Clean, Leather Protection Cream and some sponges into a handy kit, our Leather Care Kit.

Cleaning Leather Car Seats – Watch The Video

In the video we show you step-by-step how to clean leather car seats and protect them.


How-to clean leather car seats

In this guide, we’ll be cleaning the beige leather seats in a BMW. We’ll be masking off half of one of the seats so you can see the true difference the clean makes. You’ll be surprised at how much dirt comes off these leather car seats! Our Ultra Clean is an excellent leather car seat cleaner and will quickly and easily remove all dirt and grime from the leather. 

Cleaning leather car seats

Apply the leather car seat cleaner into our cleaning sponge and agitate it to turn the cleaner into a foam. Cleaning leather car seats with a foam makes for a more controlled clean, and when the foam absorbs the dirt, it can be easily wiped off.

Cleaning Leather Car Seats

Above you can see the cleaner turning into a foam, which we then wipe off using a Microfibre Cloth. We clean the leather car seat in circular motions to work the cleaner thoroughly into the leather. This helps lift the dirt out of the leathers grain, which can be quite stubborn. 

Cleaned leather car seats

If the leather is really dirty, or has a heavy grain, then we recommend also using our Leather Cleaning Brush. This makes cleaning the leather car seats easier, but it also cleans deep down into the grain lifting out all the dirt and grime. Light coloured car seats (white, beige, cream etc) will show the dirt more obviously than darker colours; using the brush in combination with our car leather cleaner will help clean the car seats more quickly and more thoroughly. 

Leather car seat cleaner – the results

Leather Car Seat Cleaner Results

Leather Cleaner Results

You can see where we have removed the tape from the leather car seat, it has shown how dirty the leather really was. It is important to clean leather car seats, even when they don't look dirty, as the dirt is slowly abrading and damaging the leather's surface. Using a car leather cleaner regularly will prevent this type of damage from occurring, helping to keep your leather car seats in pristine condition.

Protecting the leather car seats after cleaning

Once you’ve cleaned your leather car seat, you should protect it using a Leather Protector. Protecting the leather has many benefits:

  1. It protects from stains and spillages.
  2. It protects from dye transfer and other staining from clothing.
  3. It helps reduce sun damage.
  4. It protects the leather from wear & tear, helping to reduce damage to the leathers surface.

The Leather Protection Cream also smells of leather and so imparts that luxurious aroma into the car.

Protecting leather car seats

Apply the Protection Cream onto the sponge applicator and rub into the leather in circular motions.

Leave the product to dry for about 10 minutes and then buff with the other side of the Applicator Sponge. As standard, the Protection Cream will match the sheen level of your leather, but if you want the leather to appear more glossy, apply another coat and buff it to shine.

If you drive the car every day, we recommend using a car leather cleaner once every three months. Frequently used areas (like the steering wheel) could be done monthly to stop the oils from your skin damaging the leather.

In this article, we have used our Leather Care Kit to clean and protect the leather car seats.