In this article, we are going to look at the best way to oil your wooden chopping board and other cooking utensils using our Chopping Board Oil and Cutting Board Conditioner.

A good chopping board can last for years if looked after and maintained properly. Our oil, designed specifically for chopping boards, is easy to apply at home and produces fantastic results.

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But why do anything other than clean a chopping board?

Regular maintenance is a must if you want to prolong the life of the wood and keep it looking it's best. Three important reasons why you shouldn't just clean your chopping board are;

1.Wood is absorbent and when untreated, it can soak up food stains that can attract bacteria.

2. Chopping boards can develop foul odours from food and stains that have soaked into the wood.

3. Cleaning with soap dries out the wood as it removes the natural oils from within. This can cause the wood to warp or split. Regular maintenance with a chopping board oil will keep the wood hydrated, combatting the effects of cleaning.

Our Cutting Board Oil and Cutting Board Conditioner are not only perfect for protecting, maintaining and restoring chopping boards, but all wooden kitchen items including utensils, wooden bowls and counter tops.

The benefits of using a Chopping Board Oil

• It is clear, odourless and tasteless.
• It is made from pure mineral oil that is completely safe for all wooden surfaces and utensils that are used to prepare food.
• It is enriched with Vitamin E, used as a stabiliser, this ensures it will never turn rancid when applied unlike some other oils, and guarantees a long product shelf life.
• Not only does the oil preserve the chopping board, but it also enhances the colour and really brings out the natural grain and beauty of the wood.

Chopping Board Oil

How to apply Chopping Board Oil

The Cutting Board Oil should be used to protect, nourish and hydrate wood.

It should be applied liberally and can be applied directly to the board. Using a soft Lint Free Cloth, work the oil into the wood in the direction of the grain.

You should initially apply two coats to untreated and new wood, leave any excess to soak in overnight, and then buff with a clean cloth. The objective is for the wood to be saturated with the oil so that other liquids cannot be absorbed. Re-apply the once a month or when you feel the wood is drying out.

Why also use a Cutting Board Conditioner?

After using a Cutting Board Oil, we recommend that you apply a Cutting Board Conditioner.

The Cutting Board Conditioner will add further protection to your chopping boards, butcher blocks, counter tops, wooden utensils and all other wooden items used in food preparation.

It is made from a natural blend of food grade mineral oil, along with beeswax ad carnauba wax which will condition the surface of the wood, keeping the Cutting Board Oil in, and moisture out, It will also help fill any knife marks in chopping blocks, rejuvenating the appearance of the wood.

How to apply Cutting Board Conditioner

Simply apply the conditioner to a Lint Free Cloth and rub into the wood in the direction of the grain, making sure to spread it evenly with the cloth. Leave for 20 minutes, wipe off any excess Conditioner and buff the wood to a nice sheen. The Conditioner should be re-applied when the wood looks or feels dry.

By using our Cutting Board Oil and Cutting Board Conditioner you can keep your wooden chopping board and kitchen utensils in the best condition possible, and keep them looking better, for longer.