In this how-to guide we'll show you how to properly prepare your decking before oiling it, and then the best process, product and technique to use to oil your decking.

Oiling Decking - Watch The Video

Step One - Preparing Decking

For best results clean the decking first. Use our Decking Cleaner to do this. Even if your decking is new, sometimes the wood is treated with chemicals that may prevent the Clear Decking Oil from soaking in properly.

Thorough cleaning will make for a more even application of Decking Oil and for a nicer end finish.

If your decking is badly weathered, the Decking Cleaner will remove all the dirt, grime and any green staining; greatly improving the look before applying the oil.

If your decking has been stained make sure to remove all loose, flaking and peeling finish first. Often a good scrub with a Scrubbing Brush will be enough to do this.

Step Two - Oiling Decking

Applying Decking Oil
Decking Oil being applied.

Pour the Clear Decking Oil into a tray to make application easier. It can be applied with a foam pad or brush. Dip the applicator into the oil and you start oiling the decking.

Going in the direction of the grain, apply the Decking Oil quite liberally and work it into the wood. You'll instantly see the oil being absorbed; bringing out the natural beauty in the wood. Leave the oil for five minutes to penetrate.

Using the same applicator, or a clean cloth, wipe any excess Decking Oil off.

Leave the oiled decking to dry for four hours and then apply a second coat. Don't worry about rain, it is showerproof within two hours!

Oiling Decking
Close up of oiling decking.

Maintaining Decking with Decking Oil

Regularly brush the decking to remove any loose dirt and leaves. This is more important in the winter months when the leaves will be wet and can stick to the decking.

We recommend thoroughly cleaning and oiling the decking once a year. This is best done in spring so you have the decking looking its best for use in the summer months. However, if the decking looks like it needs another coat of oil, it can be re-applied at anytime and as frequently as you think necessary.

We also have a great article that talks about what is the best decking oil. Have a read of it here - best decking oil

Before Oiling the Decking

Before oiling the deck
Dirty and stained decking before applying Decking Oil

After Oiling the Decking

Oiled Decking
What a difference applying oil to decking can make!

Whats the difference to a Decking Stain?

Decking Oil soaks into wood and enhances its natural beauty. If you have a hardwood deck, such as teak you should definitely oil it. As the oil soaks into the wood, it will also help preserve and maintain the wood, keeping it protected and nourished.

Using a decking stain will cover the natural grain of the timber and so is not suitable if you want to show off the wood. However, if you're looking for a painted look then you should use a stain. We do an oil based stain specifically for decking - Decking Stain

What is a decking oil applicator?

In the video we're using a Decking Oil Applicator to applying the decking oil. This is a specially designed kit to make applying decking oil as easy as possible. It comes with a detachable handle for hard to reach areas, and a 1.4m long pole so you don't need to be on your hands and knees when applying the Clear Decking Oil.