Wood Floor Cleaning Tips

Tips on cleaning wooden floors

Wood Flooring Care

In todays blog we discuss how to care for wooden flooring. A wooden floor is an expensive addition to any room and needs to be cared for correctly to keep it in its best condition.

The tips we give in this blog are relevant to all types of wooden flooring, such as:

  • Oiled wood floors
  • Waxed wood floors
  • Varnish or lacquered floor
  • Unfinished wood floors
  • Hardwood and softwood floors
  • Engineered wood floors

If you can you should clean and protect your wood floor before you start using it to help keep it in its best condition.

Top 5 wood floor care tips

  1. Use floor protector pads on all furniture
  2. Vacuum or sweep dust and dirt regularly
  3. Wipe up any liquid spills immediately
  4. Clean the floor using a microfibre spray mop
  5. Use specialist products designed for wood flooring

Top wood flooring don’ts

  1. Never use a steam cleaner
  2. Never wet the floor
  3. Avoid using abrasive or solvent cleaners
  4. If possible avoid wearing shoes on the floor

Floor cleaning advice

The main part of our floor care tips is really about how to clean your floor, as this is often the bit people get wrong. You should of course use a specialist Wood Floor Cleaner, however where most people make a mistake is then using this with a mop and bucket.

The problem with a mop and bucket is its difficult to control how much cleaner you put on the floor, and its unfortunately easy to apply too much. If you wet the floor too much the joints in the floor will absorb the liquid and can swell; long term these areas can warp and shrink.

To avoid this, clean the floor using a Spray Mop. With these mops you can apply a controlled amount of Wood Floor Cleaner onto the floor so that you never wet it too much. The mops are also very economical with the product and help it cover a much larger area of flooring.

Wood Floor Cleaner

Protect the floor

Applying our Wood Floor Polish or Maintenance Oil (for oiled wooden floors) helps to maintain and protect the flooring. Both products will help the flooring repel all types of liquid staining making it easier to clean in the future, and also helping to keep it in better condition. Ideally you should protect your floor before it is used.

They’re also great for use on older floors too as the polishes contains specialist compounds that will fill in any micro scratches in the woods finish. This will make the flooring look and feel smoother, as well as restoring any dull and faded patches.

How to clean and polish wooden floors

Watch this short video showing you how we use our Wood Floor Cleaner and Maintenance Oil to clean and protect this oiled wood floor. The same process would be used if you were using our Wood Floor Polish on all other types of wood flooring; the Maintenance Oil is just specifically used for oiled wooden floors.