The Benefits of Protecting Suede

Protecting suede shoes

Suede is a type of leather with a napped finish and is made from the underside of the animal skin.

The surface has been raised to a nap through a sanding action which creates a pile surface.

The beautifully soft and delicate nature of suede makes it perfect for clothing and high-quality fashion accessories, including bags and shoes. It is also commonly used for furniture, including sofas and chairs.

However, this makes the suede very susceptible to staining, which is why it needs to be protected.

Why should suede be protected

Extremely absorbent. As suede has no protective finish, it absorbs water, dirt and grease extremely easily, making it prone to staining and other damage.

Difficult to maintain. Water and the build-up of dirt, can also ruin the smooth appearance, cause the colour to darken, and make the suede look matted, worn and dirty, quickly.

Difficult to clean. As suede is extremely delicate and sensitive to water, it can often be very difficult to clean without changing the appearance or texture, removing any of the colour, or causing further staining and damage to the nap.

Protecting Suede

By using a specialist Suede Protector, you can avoid these issues, extend the functional life of all your suede items, and keep them looking fresh.

It should be used as an essential component for the care and maintenance of items made from delicate suede.

Using our advanced barrier protection technology, the Suede Protector provides an incredibly durable, invisible, barrier on the surface of the suede that effectively repels all oil and water-based staining and holds everyday dirt and grime on the surface.

Regular care and maintenance of your suede items with Suede Protector makes them much easier to clean and care for, allowing any spills and dirt to be simply cleaned away using Suede Cleaner.

Suede Protector also helps stop the dirt from abrading the leather which can cause the fibres to become matted and worn.

How to use Suede Protector – watch our video


Step 1. Clean the suede

Before cleaning, use a Suede Brush to remove any loose dirt and raise the nap on any flattened areas.

After brushing the suede, apply a Suede Cleaner onto a cloth and rub to remove any further dirt or staining.

Once cleaned and dry, use the Suede Brush again to raise the nap.

Step 2. Apply the Suede Protector

Shake the bottle well, spray the protector onto the suede so that the surface becomes wet and allow to dry.

Step 3. Maintaining suede

If the item is used daily, apply the Suede Protector once every three months.

By following these instructions your suede items will be completely protected from dirt and staining all year round, making them easier to clean and maintain and keeping them looking soft and luxurious for longer.