Using Worktop Oil

Oiling a kitchen worktop

We have a range of products and kits suitable for use as a Worktop Oil, that will not only protect your worktop from stains and spills, but will bring out the natural beauty of the wood, enhancing the grain and colour.

Danish Oil For Oiling Worktops

Danish Oil is a unique blend of natural oils (tung oil or boiled linseed oil) and is one of the most popular choices when it comes to oiling wooden worktops due to being easy to apply, quick drying (4-6 hours) and water resistant, helping to reduce staining and make the wood easier to clean and maintain.

Danish Oil not only protects your worktop from stains and spills, but as the oil soaks in, it will bring out the natural beauty of the wood, enhancing the grain and colour.

It has been formulated to seal and finish all solid wood worktops such as oak, beech, walnut and should be used immediately after the installation of kitchen worktops, and for regular maintenance.

You can buy Danish Oil from the Worktop Oils section of our website.

Oiling New Wooden Worktops - watch our video guide:

Apply the Worktop Oil with a Foam Brush, wiping the oil onto the surface of the wood, following the direction of the grain.

A Foam Brush absorbs the product and allows you to distribute the oil liberally and evenly on to the surface of the wood. There are multiple sizes of brushes available, so that you can apply the oil with more precision to any hard-to-reach areas.

Leave the oil to penetrate for two to three minutes and wipe away any excess oil with a Lint Free Cloth. We recommend using a Lint Free Cloth as it will not spoil the application of the oil by leaving any unwanted loose fibres, thread and lint on the surface.

Two more coats of the Worktop Oil should be applied after the first, leaving four to six hours between each coat to ensure the previous application has completely dried before applying the next.

A foam backed De-nibbing Pad should be used to gently sand the surface between coats of the oil, once dry to ensure a smooth, flawless finish.    

Restore and Oil Wooden Worktops - watch our video guide:

Before applying the Worktop Oil, thoroughly clean the surface of the wood. This will ensure the oil is fully absorbed, creating an even and an attractive, natural, satin finish.

To clean the wood, we recommend using a specialist Wood Cleaner as many multi-purpose cleaning products contain chemicals which can damage worktops.

Our Wood Cleaner is water-based and totally safe to use on all types of wooden surfaces. It has been specifically designed to deep clean all wooden surfaces and to remove any stubborn food stains without causing damage.

Once thoroughly cleaned, prepare the worktop for oiling by taking a De-nibbing Pad and lightly rubbing the surface, making sure to rub in the direction of the grain. This will help to make the surface lovely and smooth, ready for the next application of oil.

Once the surface has been prepared and all dust from de-nibbing has been removed, it is time to apply the Worktop Oil. Simply follow the same instructions above for 'oiling new wooden worktops'.

Worktop Cleaning & Maintenance

To maintain the quality of your wooden worktop, it is essential that it is regularly cleaned and oiled.

We recommend applying Worktop Oil once or twice a year. However, with use, the finish will slowly start to wear, water will start to penetrate the surface and the sheen will also look duller. This is a good indication that the worktop needs re-oiling.

If you drip a drop of water on to the surface of the wood, and it ‘beads’ or forms droplets on the surface, it is fully sealed and protected. (see below)

Fully protected wooden worktop with water beading on the surface

Worktop Maintenance Kit

Our Worktop Maintenance Kit contains everything you need to clean, prepare and restore your kitchen worktops, including all the specialist products and accessories mentioned in this article. You can find this kit in the Worktop Oil section of our website.

Worktop Maintenance Kit

Contents: 1 x 500ml Wood Cleaner (makes 2.5 Litres), 2 x 500ml Danish Oil (worktop oil), Foam Brushes, Lint Free Cloths, 2 x De-nibbing Pads, 1 x Reusable Spray Bottle