New Product: Leather Polish

Leather Polish

In March 2021, we launched a brand-new product for leather, our Leather Polish.

Read this blog to find out more about it, and how it compares to our Leather Protection Cream.

What’s the difference between Leather Protection Cream and Leather Polish?

Both products provide great protective benefits to leather (more on this below), but the main difference between the two is the finish they leave on leather. The Leather Polish is designed to polish leather to a high shine, creating a deep gloss look, whereas the Leather Protection Cream matches the original finish on the leather for a more natural look.

How they protect leather

Both products are designed to add a protective layer to any type of leather, be it on furniture, car interiors, clothes, shoes, handbags, and even equestrian leather.

The advanced barrier protection technology in both products introduces several key benefits to your leather: both contain a blend of silicones and waxes, formulated to feed and nourish, preventing the leather from drying out and becoming brittle. The protective barrier not only makes it easier to clean but holds water and oil-based stains on the surface, so they can easily be wiped away without staining the leather.

This barrier will also protect the leather from wear and tear; generally, when leather is sat on or used, the leather will be abraded by friction and can cause the surface of the leather too become worn. The barrier in both products contains feel modifiers which add a smoothness to the leather which help prevent this. Other benefits include UV inhibitors which will help reduce fading when in direct contact with sunlight, and finally, both products are infused with a leather aroma which is transferred into your leather when applied, reinstating that new-leather smell.

It seems that both products do exactly the same, so which one do you choose? The answer to this may depend on individual preference as well as the type of leather you intend to use them on.

Head-to-head: Leather Protection Cream vs Leather Polish

Both products are very similar, as you can see in the chart below. The main difference is that the Leather Polish dries to a high shine and has almost a wet looking appearance. 


Leather Protection Cream

Leather Polish

Finish / Sheen

Blends in with sheen of leather


Barrier protection  



Stain repellence



Coats required for best results (non-absorbent leather)



Ease of use

Buffing required once dry

No buffing required


Apply once every 3 months

Apply as required (depends on usage)

Using Leather Polish to enhance Chesterfields

The beauty of the colour on Chesterfield sofas is how the base colour shines through the topcoat. Applying Leather Polish to this leather style further enhances the colour as the ‘wet look’ shine it applies highlights the brightness of the base colour.

The Polish has the same effect on all two-tone style leathers.

Close-up of Leather Polish on two-toned leather

Using Leather Polish to make leather shine.

If you want to achieve a nice shiny finish on leather, apply the Leather Polish to any type of leather and then polish it to a high shine.

Where to buy Leather Polish

You can buy our Leather Polish on our website or by calling us on 01207 279 960. If you need any help or technical advice please feel free to call or email us –


Leather Polish used on Chesterfield Sofa