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Furniture Clinic Mould Remover Leather Care Kit
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Product description: Used to remove unsightly mould stains and odours from leather, fabric, wood and all other surfaces. Mould Remover kills the bacteria eliminating stains and smell.

Mould Remover

Mould Remover

Specifically designed to eliminate, kill and prevent the re-growth of mould on any surface.

  • Mould Remover has been designed to eliminate, kill and prevent re-growth of mould
  • Removes mould on all surfaces exposed to high humidity, moisture or dampness including wood

  • The product removes odours caused by mould, mildew, food, bacteria and other organic based odours.
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    About the product

    • Powerful all in one mould remover, suitable for use on all types of leather, wood and fabric
    • Eliminates mould and associated odour on contact
    • Prevents mould growth from recurring

    Mould Remover is highly effective at eliminating mould on any surface, on contact. Specifically designed to remove mould and prevent its re-growth, it is the perfect solution for all household mould problems.

    As well as killing the mould itself, Mould Remover also removes all odours associated with mould, mildew, foods and liquids.

    Suitable For:

    Mould remover kills the spores and growths associated with mould on any surface, soft or hard, such as Leather, Fabric, Cloth and Wood. By destroying the spores, Mould Remover not only removes the original growth but will also stop the mould from recurring.




    Coverage & Shelf Life:

    250ml Mould Remover is enough to: 

    Remove mould from a full three piece suite!

    The product is specially treated to resist bacterial growth and will safely last 5 years if stored in a cool cupboard with the lid fastened.


    Step 1. 

    Always test on an un-seen area before use.

    Step 2. 

    If the surface is thick with mould clean the excess off using a cloth.

    Step 3. 

    Spray Mould Remover onto the contaminated area and leave for 10-15 minutes.

    Step 4. 

    Rinse the surface with clean water, or if applying to leather, wipe the surface down with a slightly wet cloth.

    Step 5. 

    Repeat the process if necessary.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can Mould Remover be used to eliminate mould on walls and window frames?

    Yes, Mould Remover is formulated to be highly effective at removing mould and killing mould spores on any surface. It is ideal for use on furniture, wood and fabric surfaces. As such it will eliminate all mould, including common types caused by condensation etc, from walls and windows, quickly and effectively. 

    Can I use Mould Remover on my chairs/sofa/furniture?

    Mould Remover will eliminate mould and kill the associated spores on any surface, it is a safe and effective solution to mould on all types of furniture & fixtures, whether made from wood, fabric or leather. Mould Remover will kill the mould on contact.

    Will Mould Remover prevent the mould from coming back?

    Absolutely, when applied correctly mould remover will completely remove all mould growth and kill the spores, this will prevent mould from re-growing after treating the area and negates the health risks associated with inhaling mould spores.

    Will Mould Remover damage my wood/fabric/leather surfaces?

    No, if instructions are followed correctly and the area is wiped down/rinsed after application, Mould Remover will eliminate all types of mould without damaging any of the surfaces it is used on.


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    Julie Collins


    I had a bad problem with my Italian leather sofas which had been stored in a garage over the winter. I was close to tears when I saw the mould growth on both the sofas and the suede cushions. One treatment with this product removed all the mould and left the sofas looking like new. About to order the other products to treat and condition so will update. I have another suite in the garage which didn't suffer so much but after seeing the results with this product will treat them anyway as part of the cleaning process. Would recommend this product to anyone. Thank you furniture clinic, you saved the day.

    Yes, I recommend this product.

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