Wooden Furniture can get knocked causing scuffs, scratches and small chips. This guide is aimed at teaching you how get professional results when repairing wood using the Hard Wax Repair Kit for wood.



This repair is being done using the Dark Hard Wax Repair Kit.It would be difficult to get the Soft Wax filler to stay in this type of damage and so this is why we are using the Hard Wax Fillers.
We have selected three shades of wax stick that best resemble the wood we are repairing.


Select the lightest of the wax sticks and melt a little onto the heat tool.
Drip the melted filler into the scratch and keep filling the damage until it is full.
You don't have to be neat, it doesn't matter if the filler spills over the edge as it will be reduced down later on.
This stage acts as a base for the repair.


Using a darker shade of wax stick, melt a few drops onto the lighter shade that you filled the scratch with.
Using the heat tool, mix the two colours together to achieve a colour close to the colour of the wood.
If it isn't dark enough, keep dripping in small amounts of the darker colour stick.


When you have a mixture that is a good match to the wood, use the side of the heat tool and rub it over the filler in the direction of the grain.
This will reduce the excess filler making it level with the rest of the wood.
There is also a small piece of abrasive pad supplied in the kit, which you can use after this to remove any remaining wax on the surface.


The photo to the left shows the completed repair.
Additional colours can be melted onto the repair and applied to mimic the grain pattern, using the edge of the heat tool to apply thin (grain like) lines across the repair.
This technique hasn't been used here as it wasn't necessary, but it could be used if the repair stood out a little at this stage.