Restoring Colour to a Faded Leather Sofa

Leather Re-Colouring Balm Results

Leather Sofa Restoration

Leather sofas can often become faded due to age, wear or excess sunlight. In this blog post we will explore the correct procedures in leather sofa restoration. 

The way in which you will restore the colour of the leather will depend on the type of leather you’re working with.

Before you start! Pour a drop of water onto an undamaged area of  the leather sofa and rub it in with your finger. If the leather darkens and the water soaks in, the leather is absorbent.

If the leather is not absorbent, please read our How to Restore Leather guide.

If it is absorbent, please keep on reading…

Leather Sofa Restoration - Watch the video

The below video shows you how to restore a leather sofa using our Leather Balm. The product is very easy-to-use, comes in a wide range of colours, and gives instant and impressive restoration results when restoring leather sofas. 


Leather Sofa Restoration Process

Aniline and Pull Up leathers are both extremely absorbent as they have very little, to no lacquered finish applied after dying. This lacquered finish can often act as a protective barrier so these types of leather, commonly used on leather sofas and other furniture, tend to be more difficult to care for as they stain and fade easily (without the lacquer to protect them).

If the colour on your leather sofa has started to fade, we recommend you use our Leather Restoration Cream to restore it, known as our Leather Re-Colouring Balm. The Balm renovates the colour and aspect of all absorbent leather items both old and new. There are 16 colours formulated for use on leather from a dark to light shade.

It works great at restoring colour to leather sofas that have been exposed to sunlight or direct heat and is ideal for colouring cat scratches, dried out and faded areas.

The Leather Re-colouring Balm 100% absorbs into your leather so will not rub off onto any clothes. Just wipe it into the leather, leave it to soak in for a few minutes and then buff the suface with a clean cloth. 

Only one application is necessary. With use, the leather will fade again but this can be reduced by using the Leather Protection Cream. The Leather Re-colouring Balm is generally re-applied once every three years.


Recommended by Real Homes magazine for Leather Sofa Restoration


Real Homes magazine recommends our Leather Re-Colouring Balm to help one of their customers use it for the restoration of a leather sofa. Priced at £21.95.

Customer Results restoring leather sofas

Our Leather Recolouring Balm has proved to be a customer favourite with many sharing their fantastic results on our social pages for the world to see. Here are some examples below of how it has been used to restore leather sofas.


"Oh my word! I ordered your furniture balm and it is absolutely amazing! I really didn't believe it would be as good as this. My leather furniture came up like new.It is so easy to use, I have never done anything like this before and I found it easy to do. A fantastic product." - Tina Ward

"Just spent an hour recolouring our 2 leather sofas due to our 2 labradors jumping all over them and scratching them. I have to say I am really impressed with leather re-colouring balm that I bought from Furniture Clinic. Very easy to apply, the balm covers really well and we have loads left in the pot. Quick buff with a clean cloth and they are as good as new! Before and after photos attached - thanks furniture clinic!!" - Anna Tuggey

Problems with your leather?

If your leather sofa is suffering from more than a little colour loss, you can find all of our leather repair and restoration products, including the Leather Recolouring balm on our online store, as well as a range of 'How-to' guides and video tutorials to help you every step of the way.

We also offer nationwide leather cleaning, repair and restoration services.