100% recycled plastic for our product packaging in sustainability drive

At Furniture Clinic we are reducing our use of virgin plastic by at least 80% as part of our eco-drive to minimise our plastic packaging footprint. We’re switching the current plastic bottles across our range of 100 specialist products to 100% recycled plastic (rPET), saving an estimated 30 tonne of virgin plastic from landfill each year. We’ve already introduced cardboard packaging and paper packing, instead of plastic, as part of our sustainability drive.

With a mission to extend the lifespan of any leather, fabric or wood item – from luxury home and garden furniture, to car interiors and equestrian equipment – conscious consumption is at the heart of our business model. An early pioneer of sustainability with founding roots dating back to 2004, we secured an ISO 9001 accreditation earlier this year, which recognises our progress in reducing waste and increasing efficiency. We are now focussed on developing our Environmental Management plan to become ISO 14001 certified by the end of 2022.

As part of our on-going sustainability drive to become cleaner, greener and more energy efficient, we have implemented several additional new systems to maximise our energy efficiency and further reduce our ecological footprint. Since moving to our new premises in January this year, the building has been thoroughly insulated and all boilers upgraded to reduce heat loss. In-room thermostats have also been installed throughout to reduce unnecessary carbon use.

Culturally, all employees are encouraged to help reduce carbon emissions; post pandemic, all office staff are able to work from home on a hybrid basis, cutting out unnecessary travel for meetings in favour of Zoom. There are also dedicated car pool spaces in the car park to encourage ride-sharing. Charging points will soon be installed to promote electric vehicle usage and company car renewals will all soon be electric.

Beyond product packaging which had previously been overhauled to ensure it’s 100% recyclable, we constantly review and assess a product’s lifespan and impact on the environment, reworking the formula if necessary to ensure it’s as eco-friendly as possible. Passionate about reducing waste, Furniture Clinic recycles wherever possible and operates a near paperless environment.

Our Managing Director, Ben Staerck, said: “As a restoration business, sustainability is deeply embedded in our DNA and we constantly strive to deliver the highest quality yet eco-friendly solutions for our customers and partners. Our switch to 100% recycled plastic is an important milestone in our circularity quest and we’re proud to be doing what’s right to help preserve our planet for generations to come.”