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  1. Cleaning Brush
    Cleaning Brush

    For cleaning leather and fabric, this brush makes quick work of cleaning at a great price.


    Makes cleaning leather and fabric easier and quicker

    • Produces a deeper clean
    • Makes cleaning quicker and easier
    • Penetrates into the grain of the leather to deep clean
    • Soft, gentle cleaning action - cleans without damage to the surface
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  2. Suede Brush
    Suede Brush

    Brass wire suede brush used for cleaning all items of suede, including shoes, clothing, handbags ...


    Cleaning brush for quickly and easily cleaning all items of suede

    • Brush out loose dirt from suede
    • Restore the suede nap
    • Cleans suede shoes, sofas, handbags, clothing and more
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  3. Suede Protector
    Suede Protector

    Protects all items of suede from stains and spills.

    From £9.95

    A suede protector spray for protecting suede shoes, sofas and all other items of suede

    • Protects all items of suede and nubuck leather.
    • Repels all stains and holds dirt & grime on the surface.
    • Great for suede shoes, sofas, clothing and bags.
    • Safe to use - water-based formula
    • Protects suede without changing the look or feel
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  4. Suede & NuBuck Handbag Care Kit
    Suede & NuBuck Handbag Care Kit

    For Handbags, Luggage, Footwear & all items of Suede & NuBuck Clothing.


    Prolong the life of your most prized possessions with this cost effective suede and nubuck cleaning and protection kit.

    • Everything you need to care for your handbag in one kit
    • Powerful cleaning and protection without damaging the look & feel of your suede or nubuck
    • Quick & easy to use with excellent results
    • Enough to fully clean & protect your handbag for up to two years
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  5. Suede Cleaner
    Suede Cleaner

    Brilliant cleaners for all items of suede and nubuck

    From £9.95

    All-purpose suede cleaner for a safe, deep and effortless clean

    • Cleans suede, nubuck, faux suede and alcantara
    • The suede cleaner achieves great results with little effort
    • Cleans all colours of suede
    • Safe to use - no solvents or abrasives
    • Cleans all items from suede sofas to suede shoes
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  6. Leather Handbag Care Kit
    Leather Handbag Care Kit

    For Handbags, Luggage, Footwear & all items of Leather Clothing.


    Prolong the life of your most prized possessions with our leather cleaning and protection kit for handbags.

    • Ideal for cleaning and protecting any leather handbag (except Suede or NuBuck).
    • Quick and easy to use.
    • Supplies enough product to clean and protect a leather handbag for up to 2 years.
    • Cost effective alternative to replacing a handbag or getting a professional clean.
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  7. Leather Wipes
    Leather Wipes

    These handy leather wipes are perfect for quickly removing dirty marks from leather furniture, ca...

    From £0.99

    Reliable and easy to use, these wipes are perfect to fit in a bag, or for easy access around the home when disaster strikes. Individually packed & sealed Leather wipes:

    • Will last 10 years without drying out or going off
    • Are brilliant for quickly wiping down furniture, car interiors and handbags
    • Can be used to remove everyday household staining & marks
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  8. Leather Care Kit
    Leather Care Kit

    Great value kit containing a massive 500ml leather cleaner and 500ml leather protector. Cleans, F...

    Special Price £29.95 Regular Price £32.95

    Excellent leather care set combining 500ml Leather Cleaner and 500ml Protection Cream. Cleans, feeds, and protects whilst reinstating the original leather aroma. 

    • Quickly and easily cleans leather, even with deeply embedded dirt
    • Prolongs the life of leather
    • Protects leather against stains, spills, and ink
    • Nourishes dried out and faded leather
    • Infuses luxury leather aroma
    • Suitable for all leather types and colours
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  9. Fabric Handbag Care Kit
    Fabric Handbag Care Kit

    Prolong the life of your most prized possessions with this cost-effective fabric cleaning and pro...


    Prolong the life of your most prized possessions with this fabric cleaning and protection kit.

    • Complete solution for cleaning and protecting all fabrics
    • Effective protection treatment from dirt and stains
    • Cleans and removes stains
    • Cleans and protects handbags, footwear, clothing and more
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  10. Fabric Care Kit
    Fabric Care Kit

    Great value kit containing both our Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner and Protector. Great for all fabr...


    An all-in-one kit to clean, protect and remove stubborn stains from all types of fabrics used in carpets and upholstery.

    • Complete solution for cleaning & protecting fabric
    • Suitable for delicates, such as wool or silk
    • Effective protection from dirt and staining
    • Suitable for use on furniture, clothing, carpets, and any other fabric item

    500ml Cleaner - £14.95
    500ml Protector - £14.95
    Cleaning Brush - £4.95
    Microfibre Cloth - £4.50

    Normally £39.35, NOW ONLY

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