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Furniture Clinic Leather Colourant Leather Care Kit
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Product description: A super strong and extremely flexible paint used for repairing & restoring all leathers

Leather Colourant

Leather Colourant

Safe to use and non flammable leather colourant used for repairing & restoring leather

  • Extremely Flexible: It can with stand 100,000 flexes.
  • Hard wearing & high colour coverage.
  • Soft, delicate & natural look & feel.
  • Available in 16 standard colours or one of over 10,000 colours in our database.
  • Colour matching service to match your leather exactly.

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About the product

The polyurethane Leather Colourants are water based and so are non-harmful and non-hazardous. The PU Colourants have been designed for colour restoration and colour change jobs, so the pigment addition is very high allowing them to easily cover leather without the need for lots of applications.

Most importantly is their ability to resist scuffs and scratches. The PU Colourants are extremely hard wearing and will not scratch unless very heavily forced.

Leather Colorant PU

This item is made to order and is considered a customised product.


The PU Colourants are designed for restoring the colour and changing the colour of all leather items. The reason we recommend this colourant range over any other is the high rub fastness and scuff resistance characteristics: you will struggle to scuff or scratch them! The colour holds and will not fade, flake or peel, even after years of use. Not only are the colourants very hard wearing, but they also feel very soft and delicate (they will not dry out over the years), we've added controlled amounts of silicone into the base mixture to give it a lovely smooth and soft texture.

Leather Colorant PU
  • Easy to use: can be applied by sponge, paintbrush or spray gun 

  • Easy Clean: Just use water to wash out your spraying equipment

  • Safe to use: Can be used in any environment

  • Originally developed to meet the high performance characteristics of the automotive market.

  • Great colour adhesion

Related Products

Before applying a colourant to a leather surface there may be necessary procedures and products to use to achieve a perfect and natural finish, and products to be applied afterwards for a strong and hard wearing coating.

Leather Colorant PU
  • Leather Prep & Alcohol Cleaner
    Clean the leather down with these two products before applying colour. The cleaning process removes dirt, grease, oils, waxes and silicones that unless removed could prevent adhesion.

  • Leather Finish PU
    Sprayed onto the leather after colouring, this product will further add to the leathers scuff and scratch resistance. It also greatly improves the leathers rub fastness, feel and look. This product is also used to adjust the gloss level of the finish: available in matt and gloss.

Colour Options & Colour Matching

All the colours we supply are dispensed through our colour machine. This ensures that every time you re-order a colour from us, weather it is a standard colour or matched for a small fee, that it is 100% accurate and representative of the previous colour. All colours are saved into a database, this means we can create a unique colour range for your company, so you can re-order the same colour again and again simply by quoting the reference number on the bottle.

Color Matching Machine
  • Database of over 10,000 custom colours to choose from.

  • 16 base colours to use to mix and match any colour. Colour matching guide available. 

  • Furniture and automotive database of pre-mixed colours for many retailers and manufacturer's such as Argos, DFS, BMW and Mercedes.

  • Wide range of pre-mixed standard colours to choose from; best suited if you are changing the colour of leather.


  • Send us a sample so we can match the perfect colour

  • Accurate colour matching available using the most advanced technology to date. 100% accurate every time - guaranteed! 

  • Same day colour match for next day delivery or same day collection.

  • Adjustable gloss levels for a perfect match.

  • Colour match to any sample of leather or material that represents a colour so long as it is larger than a postage stamp.

Car Colour Charts

Select a car manufacturer to view the colours we have previously matched.

Colour Chart

Colour Matching Made Easy

We use 16 base colours, these base colours are primary, secondary and shade colours which can be mixed together to achieve any colour to match the leather being worked on. A colour matching guide is available to teach you how to mix and adjust colours. Additional support and guidance can also be given over the phone if required.   

JS Black HCBlack HC
Blue LCBlue LC
Yellow LCYellow LC
Red LCRed LC
Yellow HCYellow HC
Blue HCBlue HC
Yellow OxideYellow Oxide
Red HCRed HC
Black LCBlack LC
Red OxideRed Oxide

Alternatively, we offer a wide range of pre-mixed colours as can be seen below. These colours are best suited when you are changing the colour of leather. If you try to use our Beige (bO2) from the samples below to fix a small area of colour loss on your beige leather sofa for example, the chance that our beige matches exactly the colour of your beige is very unlikely. This is because there are unlimited colours in the world, with millions of variations of beige. In this situation if you do not prefer to colour match the colour yourself, we have a very competitively priced colour matching service. Simply post us a sample of the leather. You can see where to get a sample from here. Whatever colour you need, we have a solution for you!


Clay (B01)

Beige (B02)

Tanned Beige (B03)

Dark Beige (B04)


Pale Blue (BL01)

Baby Blue (BL02)

Tahiti Blue (BL03)

Turquoise (BL04)

Sea Blue (BL05)

Blue (BL06)

Royal Blue (BL07)

Navy Blue (BL08)

Bright Colours

Lime Green (GRN09)

Orange (ORN01)

Pink (P01)

Fuchsia (P02)

Purple (PUR01)

Yellow (YEL01)


Light Brown (BR01)

Light Tan (BR02)

London Tan (BR03)

Medium Brown (BR04)

Rosewood (BR05)

Chocolate (BR06)

Dark Brown (BR07)

Dk Dk Brown (BR08)

Creams, Ivory & Light Colours

Ivory (CR01)

Light Cream (CR02)

Rose Cream (CR03)

Peach Cream (CR04)

Canvas (CR05)

Sheepskin (CR06)

Cashew (CR07)

Stone (CR08)

Seashell (CR09)

Sand (CR10)

Buttermilk (CR11)

Cream (CR12)

Golden Cream (CR13)

Desert (CR14)

Biscuit (CR15)

Mustard (CR16)


Pale Green (GRN01)

Bright Green (GRN02)

Jade (GRN03)

Mint (GRN04)

Mid Green (GRN05)

Moss (GRN06)

Dark Green (GRN07)

Forest Green (GRN08)


Pale Grey (GRY01)

Light Grey (GRY02)

Steel (GRY03)

Smoke (GRY04)

Grey (GRY05)

Slate (GRY06)

Granite (GRY07)

Dark Grey (GRY08)


Salmon (R01)

Rose Beige (R02)

Rose (R03)

Bright Red (R04)

Red (R05)

Deep Red (R06)

Maroon (R07)

Dark Red (R08)

Grape (R09)

Bordeaux (R10)

Dark Burgundy (R11)

Deep Purple (R12)

Standard Colours

Black (BLK01)

White (WH01)


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user profile image

Trevor Laker

Good Job

The Ivory leather of my Stressless chair had developed an area of approx. two square inches, centre front of the seat, where the top surface of the leather had disappeared. Your colourant plus the gloss finish have done an excellant job.

Yes, I recommend this product.

user profile image

Adele Pyatt

Great colour match and quality product

I ordered a bespoke colour to be colour matched to my cream leather sofa. The colour was matched perfectly and it was done really quickly. My sofa looks as good as new.

Yes, I recommend this product.

user profile image

Ryan Denby

Fantastic Product

This can only be described as a fantastic product, we use it a lot for our restoration business and we have never had a single customer complaint.The dye sprays on very well and is quick to dry when heat is applied and it is very flexible once dried. Great product from a very good company many thanks to all at Furniture Clinic.

Yes, I recommend this product.

user profile image

Tommi P. Laiho

Very good indeed

This product is simply awesome. Spray with thin coats and do not try to make too thick coats. That's all.

Yes, I recommend this product.

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colour charts

We have colour charts for car makes in addition to our own colours to match all leather and fabric.

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