Adhesion Promoter

Improves the adhesion of our Colourants to leather & vinyl.

  • Extremely flexible
  • Ideal for high use areas
  • Greatly improves adhesion to leather and vinyl surfaces
  • Once dried, the Adhesion Promoter becomes tacky so creates a better base for our Colourants to adhere to
  • Use with Crosslinker X 
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Adhesion Promoter is a polyurethane liquid with extraordinary adhesive properties. Applied to leather or vinyl one step before the application of colourant, the product creates a flexible coating that binds to the leather surface. When the colourant is then applied, it sticks to the layer of Adhesion Promoter, rather than the leather.


Adhesion Promoter (creases)
This image illustrates how the adhesion Adhesion Promoter (in red) has filed the creases and formed a coating bonded to the leathers surface. The application of Colourant (black), then adheres firmly to this layer.


The adhesive properties of the promoter are much greater than that of the Colourant, so applying it first, will create a better bond to the leathers surface than the Colourant would have on its own. In addition to helping adhere to the leather better, the Adhesion Promoter will also start to bind with the Colourant creating a permanent merged layer, rather than one sitting on top of the other.

Adhesion Promoter must be mixed with our Crosslinker X; this starts a chemical reaction with the Adhesion Promoter increasing the adhesive qualities of the solution, creating the bonded needed between the Adhesion Promoter and Colourant.

Adhesion Promoter is Suitable For

Adhesion Promoter is ideal for use on all restoration jobs, especially those where the leather is heavily creased. Creases naturally occur as the leather is used, in these creased areas there tends to be a lot of stress and flex to the surface. The Adhesion Promoter helps in these high wear areas, preventing the new coatings from deteriorating, therefore extending the leathers life.

The Adhesion Promoter should also be used on leather that you expect might be problematic, such as areas where grease/oil has been removed. The product will help the Colourant stick better, reducing chances of the grease coming back through and affecting the colour.

It should also be applied to areas where the piping is raised out as this leather is easily knocked and abraded with use. Applying Adhesion Promoter onto these raised areas will increase the lifetime of a repair; areas such as car seat bolsters.

Adhesion Promoters Coverage and Shelf Life

Store in a cool dry place, away from direct sunlight.

Store between 8°C and 30°C.

Once opened, use within 1 year.

Step 1.

Add 10% Cross Linker X to the Adhesion Promoter and shake, or stir very well for two minutes. The addition of Cross Linker X starts a chemical reaction with Adhesion Promotor increasing the adhesive qualities of the solution. It is also the addition of Cross Linker X that causes the bond to form between the Adhesion Promoter coat and the Leather Colourant.
Only mix the amount you think you will need, as once mixed, the pot life of the mixture is three hours.

Step 2.

Apply one base coat to the leather with a sponge ensuring it is fully rubbed into all areas. Dry off thoroughly with a hair drier so that the product has set.The Adhesion Promoter will always dry tacky so the idea of the hair drier is just to set the product so that later applications do not run. Heat also starts off chemical reaction so each layer should always be heated with a hair drier.

Step 3.

Apply two more coats by spray application using an airbrush. Apply one with a vertical movement and overlap this with a horizontal movement and dry off with a hair dryer. Then another in a diagonal movement that overlaps, creating a crisscross effect. This ensures even coverage of the Adhesion Promoter onto the leather or vinyl surface.
Use a hair dryer in between coats to activate the product, after each coat the leather will become more tacky. Once mixed the product has a three hour shelf life. Apply Leather Colourant or Self Seal Colourant onto the surface immediately after Adhesion Promoter for best results.

Why do I need to use Crosslinker X with Adhesion Promoter?

The Crosslinker X not only greatly improves the adhesion properties of the Adhesion Promoter, it also makes the product become tackier, therefore creating a better bond with the leather and Colourant. It also causes the molecules of the Adhesion Promoter and the Colourant to bridge together, creating one bonded layer, rather than one layer on top of the other.

Can I use Adhesion Promotor without the Crosslinker X?

No, adding the Crosslinker X into the Adhesion Promoter actives a chemical reaction which starts the bond between the leather, Adhesion Promoter and Colourant.

Can I use the Crosslink Eco with the Adhesion Promoter?

Unfortunately not, the Crosslinker Eco has been developed to be used in our Leather Finish. It does not have the same properties as the Crosslinker X, therefore will not create the chemical reaction needed.

Do I have to use Adhesion Promoter?

No, it is not required in all instances. We recommend using it on areas of high, or heavy use, areas which have been heavily contaminated with grease or oil (hand or head areas) or raised areas such as piping or car bolsters.

For all other areas you can apply the Colourant as normal.

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