Decking Cleaner

Quick-acting, advanced formula Decking Cleaner that cleans and revives weathered timber decking

  • Available in 5 Litres
  • Removes dirt, grease, and green staining from decking
  • Kills algae, lichen, moss, and mould with no scrubbing required
  • Prepares decking prior to treatment
  • Restores the original decking colour
  • Fast and easy to use
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About Decking Cleaner

Our dual action, advanced formula Decking Cleaner provides highly effective results for cleaning & reviving decking, sheds, and fences. It cleans and revives the wood, restoring it to its original colour.

The Decking Cleaner can also be applied directly to wooden surfaces with no scrubbing required to kill green algae, lichen, mould and moss. In these instances, simply water the Decking Cleaner over the contaminated areas and leave it to remove the stains! 

If you are planning to apply a stain or oil to your timber, be sure to clean it first with the Decking Cleaner to open up the pores of the wood and improve the absorption of any oil or stain.

Available in 5 Litres.

Decking Cleaner is Suitable For

Decking Cleaner is suitable for all types of exterior wooden decking, fences and sheds. It works great on:

Hardwood and softwood decking
Oak decking
Siberian Larch decking
Thermowood decking
Iroko, Balau and other tropical wood decking
Cedar decking
Teak decking

It also cleans all other types of timber decking.


Decking Cleaners Coverage and Shelf Life

5 litres of Decking Cleaner is enough to clean roughly 25m² of decking.

Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.

How to use Decking Cleaner

Our Decking Cleaner is a great, all-round cleaner for all wooden items in the garden. The below instructions show how simple it is to use the Decking Cleaner with fantastic results.

  1. Using a hosepipe, slightly dampen the wood to be treated.
  2. Pour the product into a watering can and pour over the timber. Scrub with a stiff bristled brush and leave for 20 minutes for the cleaner to take effect. Alternatively, pour the product into a bucket and apply to the wood using a scrubbing brush.
  3. Rinse with a hosepipe to wash off all dirt and residue from the Decking Cleaner. Some green staining may still be visible at this point; follow the instructions for killing algae & lichen as a final step.

Removing Algae & Lichen with Decking Cleaner

If you have green staining on your decking, our Decking Cleaner can kill this growth remvoing the staining altogether.

  1. Simply pour or spray onto effected areas, making sure to saturate the wood.
  2. Leave it for 2 – 3 days. The green colour will start to fade in this time and will kill the algae.
  3. Simply brush away any dust which is left behind.  

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Decking Cleaner FAQ

Q. Does the Decking Cleaner work on all types of wood?

A. Yes. We have formulated our Decking Cleaner so that it is not only safe-to-use, but also extremely effective at cleaning all types of decking.

Q. Will it remove green stains from decking?

A. Yes, green staining on decking is typically mould, algae or lichen. Clean those area first following the normal decking cleaning instructions. If the green staining remains, pour the Decking Cleaner onto the area and leave it for three days. 

Over this period the Decking CLeaner will kill the green organisms and turn them to dust; ready to be swept off.

Q. Will the Decking Cleaner remove old decking stain?

A. If used with the Stiff Scrubbing Brush the cleaner will remove some of the stain, but it isn't designed to remove decking stains and so it might not remove it all. Old stains may need to be sanded out to remove them comletely. 

Q. Can you use a pressure washer to cleaning decking?

A. Be careful. If not used correctly you can ruin your deck with a pressure washer. Too much pressure causes the wood fibres to splinter and lift off. 

Q. Should I sand my decking after washing?

A. If the decking timber is feeling rough or splintered then it is best to sand it after cleaning. Using our Decking Cleaner won't cause the timber to damage, but if it has been cleaned with a pressure washer or just damaged from use, then it is a good idea to sand it.

Q. Does the Decking Cleaner work on cedar decking?

A. Yes, like teak and other hardwoods, cedar decking will turn grey as it weathers. Cleaning it with the Decking cleaner will help to restore the woods natural colour, preventing the need to stain the decking. 

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