Leather Types Swatch Booklet and Guide

  • Defines British standards of leather types
  • Helps to identify leather types
  • Increases confidence in leather diagnoses, improving chances of converting quotes
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The leather types swatch booklet has been designed for the professional leather technician.

A comprehensive guide to help identify different types of leather and different surface coatings which can be found in common place on leather items.

The swatch booklet is comprised of 14 swatches of different types of leather and faux leather; these are the same types used in our highly recommended training programme. Measuring 115mm x 165mm it’s a handy size to fit in your toolbox.

The accompanying A5 size Leather Types Guide goes from explaining the basic tanning process for an elementary understanding of what is involved in making leather, to introduce you to all the different leather types. More importantly, it teaches you how to identify the different types; thus, enabling you and your customer to understand the processes involved in leather repair, recolouring and finishing.


The kit includes:

Leather types swatch booklet

Leather types guide 

Magnifying glass              

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