Leather Colourant Kit

A complete kit designed for anyone to be able to change the colour of leather or restore all worn and faded leather items with no previous experience or technical ability. 

  • Perfect for repairing damage caused by colour-loss or wear and tear
  • Contains everything you need for a DIY Professional leather colour repair at home
  • Same products used by professional upholsterers
  • Full simple step-by-step instructions included and tutorial videos available below
  • Can be used on all leather and is perfect for repairing leather colour damage on sofas, car interiors, shoes, jackets and much more.
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This Leather Colourant Kit can be used to restore colour to worn/faded patches or can be used to completely restore or change the colour of furniture, car interior, clothes, shoes and any other item of leather. The perfect leather dye/colourant product to change the colour of leather or restore all worn & faded leather items.

  • Perfect for repairing damage caused by colour-loss or wear and tear
  • Contains everything you need for a DIY Professional leather dye colour repair at home
  • Same products used by professional upholsterers
  • Full simple step-by-step instructions included 
  • Can be used on all leather and is perfect for repairing leather colour damage on sofas, car interiors, shoes, jackets and much more.

The Leather Colourant Kit is not just a standard leather dye but an actual process, which gives fine results every time. Developed by professionals in the leather manufacturing industry, our Leather Colourants are not just standard dyes, but water-based dye finishes used to give a long-lasting, durable and flexible finish. As well as being non-hazardous and non-flammable, this kit is easy and safe to use.

Selecting Your Colour & Finish

We have 24 standard colours and hundreds of custom colours including many specific car interior colours. We also offer a colour matching service for an exact match to your leather item.

The kit comes with Matt and Gloss finish so you can match any sheen leather with each kit.

See our Standard Colour Chart here
See our Car Colour Charts here

What makes our leather colourant kit the best?

We use water-based colourants, a traditional technology that has been used in the manufacturing of leather for years. The end result looks like brand new leather. This is because the product is applied in the same way as in a tannery. Once applied, your leather will look and feel like natural leather, it will never flake, fade or peel off.

How it works

First, you remove the manufactured finish from the leather with the leather prep. This allows the colourants to adhere and penetrate the leather, giving a sound base covering. You then spray on a coloured coating for uniformity and to get a nice natural finish. The job is then sealed in with a professional leather finish. This finish protects and enhances the leather and stops it from wearing out.

Once applied, our colourants and finishes are so tough, you will find it difficult to even scuff or scratch the leather!

How long does it last?

Once applied to leather the coating is as strong as new leather, this has been tested to British & European Standards. It is difficult to give an exact timescale as to how long it will last, but we are confident to say that it will last as long as your leather originally lasted, i.e. if the leather needed to be restored after 5 years, expect it to last another 5 years.

Leather Colourant Kit is Suitable For

Leather Sofa, Armchair, Chairs and Furniture Leather Car Seat or Interior Handbag Leather Shoes, Boots or Footwear Leather Jacket or Clothing

Our Leather Colourant Kit can be used to change or restore the colour of furniture, car seats, clothes, shoes, handbags, equestrian leather and any other item made of leather.

Suitable For Aniline & Semi-Aniline Leather
Suitable For Pigmented Leather
Suitable For Oil and Wax Pull Up Leather  
Suitable For BiCast Leather
Suitable For Two Tone, Mottled & Antique Finished Leather

Leather Colourant Kits Coverage and Shelf Life

The Leather Colourant Kit is available in four sizes;

Small Kit - Will restore anything up to the size of a car seat, including handbags, clothes or shoes!

Medium Kit -  Will restore anything up to the size of a large armchair!

Large Kit - Will do 5 car seats or a large 3 seater sofa!

Extra Large Kit - Will restore a full car interior or three piece suite!

The kit doesn't have a shelf life. However, the longer it sits on the shelf, the more thoroughly the products will need to be shaken before use.

The contents of each sized kit are shown below:

Small Colourant Kit (For smaller areas such as a car seat or single seat chair):

  • 125ml Leather Prep Cleaner
  • 125ml Alcohol Cleaner
  • 250ml Leather Colourant
  • 125ml Matt Leather Finish & 125ml Gloss Leather Finish
  • 15ml Cross Linker Eco
  • Spray Gun & Propellant
  • Sponges & Accessories


Medium Colourant Kit (For mid-sized areas such as large armchairs or two car seats):

  • 250ml Leather Prep Cleaner
  • 250ml Alcohol Cleaner
  • 500ml Leather Colourant
  • 250ml Matt Leather Finish & 250ml Gloss Leather Finish
  • 2 x 15ml Cross Linker Eco
  • Spray Gun & 2 x Propellant Cans
  • Sponges & Accessories

Large Colourant Kit (For larger areas such as a two-seater sofa or an entire car interior):

  • 250ml Leather Prep Cleaner
  • 250ml Alcohol Cleaner
  • 1000ml Leather Colourant
  • 250ml Matt Leather Finish & 250ml Gloss Leather Finish
  • 2 x 15ml Cross Linker Eco
  • Spray Gun & 3 x Propellant Cans
  • Sponges & Accessories


Extra-Large Colourant Kit (For very large areas such as a full car interior (5 seats, door cards, dash and all other leather areas) or a full three piece suite)

  • 500ml Leather Prep Cleaner
  • 500ml Alcohol Cleaner
  • 1500ml Leather Colourant
  • 500ml Matt Leather Finish & 500ml Gloss Leather Finish
  • 4 x 15ml Cross Linker Eco
  • Spray Gun & 4 x Propellant Cans
  • Sponges & Accessories

A fine result can be achieved with our kits, remember they are designed for the general public and so have been made as easy as possible to use. For detailed instructions of how to dye leather, please read one of the following guides.


Restore or change the colour of your leather funiture, car interior and more!

Colour change to leather sofa


Colour change to leather arm chair


Colour change to leather sofa


Colour change to leather car interior


Colour change to leather car seats


Leather Car Interior Colour Change


Colour Change to leather car seats

* Please note: the may need repaired or strengthened before recolouring. Always check with a sales advisor if you are unsure.

Colour Chart

Custom Colour Chart













We have three options when it comes to ordering colours;

Standard Colours: 24 of our most popular colours.
Custom Colours: A much larger range of colours, including those from many car manufacturers.
Colour Matching: If you can send us a piece of your leather we will match the colour exactly to your requirement.

Car Colours

MG Colour Chart

MGA 1500 (1955 - 1959)

MGA 1600 (1959 - 1960)

MGA 1600 MK11 (1960 - 1962)

T TYPE (1931 - 1932)

Tesla Colour Chart

S Model

We have three options when it comes to ordering colours;

Standard Colours: 24 of our most popular colours.
Custom Colours: A much larger range of colours, including those from many car manufacturers.
Colour Matching: If you can send us a piece of your leather we will match the colour exactly to your requirement.

If you require a bespoke colour, matched exactly from a sample, we offer a quick and easy colour matching service.

1. Complete your order online, selecting the 'Send in a sample for colour match' option.

2. Get a sample of the leather to be matched.
(Read this guide for advice on getting a sample)

3. Print this form, fill it in and attach your sample

(if you don’t have a printer then a simple note with your name, telephone and order number will do)

  1. Mercedes Gazette
  2. Jaguar Enthusiast
  3. Practical Classics
  4. Jaguar World
  5. Diamler & Lanchester Owners Club
  6. Fast Ford Magazine
  7. Review

Mercedes Gazette

A Recommendation Made and Another Endorsement

Mercedes GazetteDear Chris,

I would like to recommend The Furniture Clinic (0844 879 3691) as an excellent supplier of leather restoration products.

The driver’s seat on my 560SEL had some substantial cracks, which rather spoilt my enjoyment of the car. Having been unable to find a good second-hand replacement, I was pondering having a new panel sewn in; however such a repair would certainly not match the naturally aged appearance of the remainder of the seat.

I thought I would first try a restoration product, and telephoned The Furniture Clinic. They did not have a record of the dark red used on my car, so it was necessary for me to send a sample. Nevertheless, for under £50 I received everything I needed: Leather preparation fluid to remove the old finish, a flexible filler to repair the cracks, dye, clear sealant, an air brush to apply the dye and sealant, and a selection of cloths and pads.

I posted the samples on Monday. On Wednesday I happened to be driving on the A1 near Newcastle and noticed a sign to the industrial estate where they are based. I thought it would have been a bit rude to call in and ask whether my order was ready – but I need not have bothered: When I got home I found the package was already there, having been delivered earlier that day. It would have been impossible to provide a better delivery service.

As for the product itself, the colour is a virtually perfect match, and I chose to slightly under-fill the cracks, so the repaired panel would retain an imperfect and somewhat naturally aged appearance to match the rest of the seat. It would, of course, have been possible to do a perfect job.

Sending a sample of the leather was only necessary because I was not able to take my car to their premises. They welcome customers and tell me they have people regularly visiting to buy their products, not just for cars but for furniture as well. The people I spoke to on the telephone were helpful and friendly. This is a refreshingly different attitude from one of the other suppliers (Gliptone) who I have heard are rather abrupt and will not accept visitors.

So for £50 and a couple of hours of my time I have achieved a most satisfactory repair, which is, I am sure, far cheaper than what a traditional upholsterer would have charged for such a job.

I would also like to endorse the recommendation of Millennium Mercedes in Bedford (01234 218424) which was made by Dr Robert Oakley in the May issue of the Gazette.

Yours sincerely,
Kim Stopher, Northill

Jaguar Enthusiast


Jaguar Enthusiast - Page 1

Jaguar Enthusiast - Page 2

Jaguar Enthusiast - Page 3

Practical Classics


Practical Classics - Page 1

Practical Classics - Page 2

Jaguar World


Mercedes GazetteJaguar World used our Colourant Kit to restore an interior with amazing results...

Jaguar World - Page 1

Diamler & Lanchester Owners Club


Save That Old Leather
Step 1
1. A small cloth patch is carefully positioned behind the tear.
Step 2
2. The Leather Glue is then used to fix the patch in place
Step 3
3. Imperfections are ‘filled’ with ‘Heavy Filler’ and coloured. The colour is first ‘dabbed’ on with a sponge, working into creases (below).
Step 4
Step 5
These splits had repaired previously with poor results
Step 6
The splits have been repaired with patches glued behind the damage, filled with ‘Repair Compound’, and recoloured (below).
Step 7


This issue contains an article from Clayton Spear regarding the excellent talk given at the DLOC Spring Conference by our guest speaker Aline Angus, by coincidence I had just effected some badly needed repairs to the leather seats in a Barker Special Sports. I am a great believer in con-servation and would rather preserve than replace any item, but as Aline mentioned in her write up there comes a time when the product is no longer fit for purpose and will require replacement. I thought it had reached this point with the seats in this car but decided that I would have one last attempt at repair, the method described by Aline was similar to the one I adopted.

I carried out some ‘on line’ research and settled on a repair method described by ‘The Furniture Clinic’ (www.furnitureclinic.co.uk.). Their website was very informative, and even better, a follow up phone call (0191 482 6112) produced more helpful advice. I purchased a leather repair kit from them and a large full colouring kit, I wanted to restore the colour of my seats to a deep maroon rather than the existing blotchy brown and red, which had been brought about by them being previously re-coloured. The upholstery had also been the subject of many mostly unsuccessful repairs, some carried out by me.

The products were ordered by telephone and arrived the next day, I always appreciate prompt despatch, even if I do not wish to tackle the job straight away, it is nice to be able to study the instructions and examine the product before rushing into the job.

The method of operation is described in an excellent instruction sheet with a helpline number clearly listed, I was very glad of this as I had a question regarding a large tear which I was able to discuss in detail. (I will come back to this later).

One feature which particularly appealed to me about this particular method is that the seat is not stripped down, the repairs are made with the seat covers on the frames from the surface of the leather, this is a huge bonus to anyone with only rudimentary trimming skills.

The first task is to clean the leather, this alone makes a huge difference, the repair area is then lightly abraded with a scourer dampened with ‘leather prep’ solution. The kit comes with everything you need to effect repairs to rips, holes, cigarette burns or scuffs and is very simple to use, as with any task of this type, the more time you take over it, the better the end result will be. Those of you with more patience than I have, will cer- tainly get better results than mine!

The tear is glued into place using a backing cloth cut to size and the adhesive which is provided, I applied this with an old paint brush which I kept close by in a jar of thinners, after a little practice I found my method worked well. Very deep creases should be gently cut open and treated as a split or tear, this sounds drastic, but the crease will surely split open if it is not repaired, do it now and save yourself having to repeat the process later on! The glue is then allowed to dry (I left mine overnight), the leather may be ‘worked’ together to ensure a good fit or in the case of a split caused by the leather stressing and stretching, left a little ‘open’ to prevent it splitting again, the gap in the repair will be filled with what I thought was the best part of the kit a ‘repair compound’.

The compound, which is creamy in consistency is simply smoothed onto the repair, using a spatula, to fill back to the surface of the surrounding leather, several light coats may be required, and each coat must be left to dry before re-applying. Just as you would with a stone chip on your car’s paint-work, you then flat the compound back with Wet’N’Dry paper (supplied). Rather than using the compound straight from the jar, I transferred a useable amount onto a small dish, thus preventing the prod- uct from drying out in the jar and stopping dirt and grit from contami-nating the unused compound. This part of the job should certainly not be hurried, I took extra time on some of the smaller damaged areas and was delighted with almost invisible repairs, however my seats were very bad and towards the end I started to move the job along (partly because the larger repairs are very much ‘experimental’). Once satisfied with my repairs I got the colouring kit out. If you are just repairing a split or tear and not re-colouring the entire seat you need to simply, ‘dab’ some colouring on to the repair. With practice, invisible repairs are possible.

I found with the method I adopted, the repairs took on the appearance of a crease, in my opinion this effect is perfect for well used leather.

As my seats required full re-colouring, I also purchased a full colour kit, (again the product supplied was first class). I have previously used a chemical based pigment which gave good results but was very smelly and came with a hazard warning, in fact it made me feel quite nauseous when I used it. This product is water based, the smell is almost non-existent, and I found it very ‘user friendly’.

Once the repairs had been made, all of the leather was gently rubbed with a scourer and a cotton bud soaked with the leather prep solution, and then wiped over with a cloth dampened with the product, a second solution is used to remove any waxes and silicone that might be contam- inating the leather. Using the sponge provided, I then ‘dabbed’ the colour onto the leather, paying close attention to the seams and creases. The product was then left to dry and a repeat application added, the appearance at this point is awful, it looks blotchy and uneven, however the instructions explain that at this stage the intention is to give a back- ground colour and to get pigment into the seams. The next step is to add a couple of coats of colour with an airbrush, the colouring kit comes with one, along with several compressed air canisters. These work very well but are a little slow to use, I preferred my ‘spotting gun’ attached to a small compressor, ‘The Furniture Clinic’ will actually loan you a com- pressor free of charge!

Once the colour had been applied and a good even finish achieved, I sprayed on the top coat sealant, this is an important part of the process and provides the final satin surface which is apparently ‘breathable’ but prevents the colour from rubbing off. It looked so good that I had to resist the temptation to touch it! The next day I finished with a light applica- tion of my favourite hide food. (see also “Hell For Leather on Page 21) My leather was at the point where it needed replacement, several people had commented that it spoilt an otherwise nice car, it really did look awful. The drivers seat base had many splits and tears, and some areas had worn into holes, the seat back top sections were horrible, the drivers seat had three distinct gaping tears between 3 and 4 inches long, the huge split on the passenger seat had what I can best describe as a large ‘W’ shaped rip (see photograph opposite page top r/h col), was well over a foot long and ran just above the piping. I was advised by ‘The Furniture Clinic’ that their repair method was only suitable for splits of up to about 4 inches, and that this damage would probably require professional atten- tion. However as I progressed with my smaller repairs (and there were lit- erally dozens of them), I became confident that this split could be tack- led. Using a long strip of linen (sourced from the scrap bin at a fabric shop), I cut a suitable patch and glued it to the back of the piping, I left it to set overnight then carefully glued the damaged leather onto it, the large split was then filled with the compound as earlier described and later the entire seat was coloured. The repairs have not brought the leather back to a brand new appearance, but it is now very tidy, looking used but presentable, rather like an antique chesterfield sofa should look. I think the photographs on the opposite page speak for themselves and the entire effect is so pleasing, that the critical eye is no longer drawn to the defects.

As a satisfied customer I would recommend this product, I had set a budget of several thousands of pounds to replace this leather, in the event I spent only a very small fraction of this sum, the repair kit in particular I thought excellent value for money. ‘The Furniture Clinic’ have a range of stock colours which are ideal if you plan to re-colour the entire inte- rior, but I imagine a colour matched to your own leather will give a far better result, especially if you are only making a localised repair. A sam- ple of your leather needs to be sent and the colour will be closely matched (I have not tried this service).

I am assured by ‘The Furniture Clinic’ that the repairs will stand up to wear and tear, I have now used the car on dozens of occasions and so far none of the new repairs have failed, this contrasts with previous repair attempts; several splits on the drivers seat, repaired using leather patch- es and super glue, failed almost as soon as the car was put back into use!

Fast Ford Magazine


Fast Ford Magazine - Page 1

Fast Ford Magazine - Page 2

Fast Ford Magazine - Page 3

Fast Ford Magazine - Page 4



Review - Long Page

What is the difference between the Leather Colourant Kit and the Complete Leather Repair Kit

The Complete Leather Repair Kit provides enough colourant and the right equipment to cover touch ups to small areas and minor repairs.

The Leather Colourant Kit comes in various sizes and the range provides enough colourant and the correct equipment to take on larger restoration projects, from colouring over medium-large scale repairs to complete colour changes to car interiors or three piece suites.


I want to change the colour of my leather item, should I use the Leather Colourant Kit or the Leather Re-Colouring Balm ?

The Colourant Kit should be used when changing the colour of your leather, the Re-Colouring Balm should only be used to restore colour to leather and not to change it.


The colour of my leather has worn/faded and I want to restore it, do I use the Leather Re-Colouring Balm or the Leather Colourant Kit?

To restore the colour to worn/faded absorbent leather items (such as Aniline or Pull-Up) you should use the Leather Re-Colouring Balm as this will soak into the leather and quickly restore the colour to its former glory. The balm can also be used to restore colour to areas on non-absorbent leathers where areas of minor-cracking have occurred and the natural leather is exposed.

To restore the original colour to non-absorbent leathers where more significant areas of fading or wear has occurred you should use the Leather Colourant Kit.


Is the colour/finish provided by the Leather Colourant Kit permanent?

If applied correctly, the finish/colour provided by the kit can typically be expected to last as long as the original manufacturers finish would taking into account conditions and wear & tear.


I'm unsure what size Leather Colourant Kit I require for my project, is there a general guide or 'rule of thumb'?

As a general rule:

The small kit provides enough product to tackle repairs & restoration to the colour of smaller projects such as a footstool, shoes, clothing or a single car seat.

The medium sized kit should be sufficient to re-colour larger areas such as an armchair or two car seats.

The large kit will give you what you need to re-colour projects in the size range of a 2-3 seater sofa, car seats (two front seats and the back seat)

The extra large kit has been designed for a full car interior (5 seats, door cards, centre console, dash, and all other leather areas) or an entire three piece suite.

Although every project is different, this guide provides a good overview of the scale of projects that each size of the Leather Colourant Kits in our range is suitable for. If in doubt it is always better to go one size larger, providing all of the colourant and finish you need, with some left over for touch-ups should they be needed going forward.


Can the Leather Colourant Kit be used on Vinyl?

The colourant used in the kit can be used on Vinyl, but the colourant layer will not adhere as well to the surface Vinyl as it does on leather. To counteract this, we advise that you apply our Adhesion Promoter before spraying on the colourant, this will ensure a suitable surface for the colourant to adhere to and provide better results and longevity.


I want to change the colour of my leather clothing/jacket/sofa/furniture/car interior, is the Leather Colourant Kit suitable for this?

Yes, the Leather Colourant Kit can be used to change the colour of any leather surface, no matter what the item may be!


I have a specific colour I require for my project, can you provide this with the Leather Colourant Kit?

Yes, we can provide kits with any colour you require. Simply pick a colour from one of our colour charts or send us a sample and we will match it and send it to you. If you wish to have a colour matched, just indicate that you will be sending a sample to us by ticking the corresponding box when you go to add your choice of kit to your basket on the Leather Colourant Kit page.


Can i continue to clean and maintain my leather as normal after using the Leather Colourant Kit?

Yes, but it is important that you do not clean or applying protection cream to the leather item for 7 days after applying the colourant (though it can be used after 24 hours). This gives both the colour and the finish time to fully cure before being treated. For total maintenance and cleaning of any leather item we recommend our Leather Care Kit, providing powerful protection and cleaning for any leather item in one handy pack.

Trustpilot Reviews for the Leather Colourant Kit