Leather Cleaning Brush

  • Penetrates into the grain of the leather to deep clean
  • Soft, gentle cleaning action - cleans without damage to the surface of the leather
  • Ideal for use with the Leather Ultra Clean
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Ideal For Cleaning Leather

Our Leather Cleaning Brush makes cleaning any leather item extremely easy.

Used to deep clean into a leather's grain and lift dirt easily, the bristles are designed to be just rigid enough to provide a thorough, deep clean, while also being gentle enough to prevent any wear or damage to the surface.

A robust, great value brush, it is the ideal accessory for any leather cleaning job, whether a leather sofa or car interior or leather clothing and footwear.

This product is highly recommended for all leathers but is particularly suited for use on light coloured leather, where the dirt is highly visible and can become deeply ingrained and hard to remove.

Leather Cleaning Brush is Suitable For

The Leather Cleaning Brush can be used in conjunction with Leather Ultra Clean on all different articles of leather, from furniture and car interiors to clothes, shoes, handbags and even equestrian leathers. Perfect for cleaning leather that has become very dirty and needs a good clean our brush is suitable for use on all colours of leather and all different grain types. 

Aniline & Semi-Aniline Leather
Pigmented Leather
Oil & Wax Pull Up Leather
BiCast Leather
Two Tone, Mottled & Antique Finished Leather

Not suitable for Suede/NuBuck

Step 1

For best results, pour some Ultra Clean into a Foaming Bottle. Use the bottle to create a foam.

Step 2

Apply the foam to the Leather Cleaning Brush directly from the bottle. Rub into the leather in a circular motion to lift the dirt and grime.

Step 3

After cleaning the leather wipe it down with a terry towel to remove any cleaning residue. After cleaning, Leather Protection Cream should be applied. 

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