Danish Oil

Danish Oil is a unique blend of natural oils and resins that penetrate, and enhance the natural beauty of all wooden surfaces.

  • Suitable for use on all types of wood
  • Easy to apply and dries quickly
  • Durable: water and stain resistant
  • Provides an attractive, natural, satin finish
  • Helps prevent drying and deterioration
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Our Danish Oil has been formulated to seal and finish any wooden surface as well as re-oiling wood for maintenance. A time tested and proven blend of natural oils and resins, it penetrates deep into all interior and exterior wood and dries to provide a hard, durable, and highly attractive satin finish.

The natural finish provided with the application of Danish Oil provides water resistance to all woods (including bare wood), helping to reduce staining and make the wood easier to clean and maintain. This protects and enhances the natural beauty of your wood and does not leave a surface film that can chip or scratch with use. Incredibly versatile, our Danish Oil may also be used as a primer before painting or varnishing.

Compliant with Articles In Contact With Food regulations, Danish Oil is also ideal for the treatment of worktops and utensils used in the kitchen and dining areas, where contact with food, spills and exposure to water and other liquids are a frequent hazard to unprotected surfaces.

Suitable For

Danish Oil can be used on all types of wood (oak, beech, maple etc) and on wood used in any environment.

  • Interior & exterior wood
  • Kitchen worktops and other food contact areas
  • Furniture
  • Untreated timber and bare wood

Coverage & Shelf Life

20m2 per litre.

Store in a cool dry place, away from direct sunlight.

Store between 10°C and 25°C. 

Once opened, use within three years.

How to use Danish Oil

Danish Oil for Maintenance of Wood

For maintenance of new or used items, simply re-oiling once a year is sufficient for year-round protection. Further coats can be applied to high use areas, if required.

Danish Oil for Restoration of Wood

When restoring old items of wood, it is important that you remove all previous oils, waxes or finishes before applying the Oil. If the surface feels rough, it should be sanded smooth first, for best results.

How to apply Danish Oil

Ensure the surface is clean and dry before application, and any old oils or waxes have been removed if restoring an item. Use our Wood Cleaner to clean the wood if needed.

Shake well before use. If you are unsure of the finish, test it on spare wood, or an unseen area first.

Apply the Danish Oil liberally to a clean, Lint Free Cloth and wipe onto the surface following the direction of the grain. Leave to penetrate for two to three minutes and wipe away any excess oil with the same cloth.

Leave to dry for four to six hours.. Two more coats should be applied after the first, leaving the full four to six hours drying time between each coat to ensure the previous application has completely dried before applying the next.

Once the last coat of Danish Oil has dried you can use the wood as normal.

If you’d like a polished look to the wood, use our Beeswax Polish at this stage

Instructional Videos

Wood Treated with Danish Oil

The below image shows how the Danish Oil enhances the natural beauty of various shades of wood. In the examples below we have applied it to Beech, Oak and Walnut so you can see how it looks on light, medium and dark coloured woods. 

Danish Oil on Wood

Q. Is Danish Oil safe for food preparation areas?

A. Yes, our Danish Oil is compliant with Articles In Contact with Food regulations. Once the oil has fully dried it is completely safe for food to be in contact with it.

Q. Does Danish Oil stain wood?

A. No, although it will slightly darken the wood, it has no colour properties in it. The darkening effect will vary depending on how absorbent the wood is. If you want to stain wood, use our Wood Stain.

Q. Will Danish Oil protect wood from liquid spillages and stains?

A. Yes. The Danish Oil provides great resistance to water and staining, which is what makes it our recommended oil for applying to kitchen worktops, especially around the sink.

Q. Is Danish Oil safe to use on wooden toys or items used by Children?

A. Yes, once dry the Danish Oil is completely safe and compliant with Articles In Contact With Food regulations.

Q. How long does it take Danish Oil to dry?

A. Between four and six hours. The first coat will quickly soak into the wood, leave it for a few minutes and then wipe away any excess. Then leave to dry.

Q. How do I get a perfectly smooth finish with Danish Oil?

A. Once the Danish Oil has dried, rub it down gently with a de-nibbing pad. This will remove any 'nibs' and imperfections in the finish creating a lovely smooth feel. Do this inbetween each coat of oil you apply and again on the last.

Q. Do I need to seal Danish Oil?

A. No, there is no need to apply any other finish over the top. However, you can apply Beeswax Polish if you want to get a deep shine on the wood.

Q. How should I dispose of used cloths with Danish Oil on?

A. Your cloth/ applicator used for oiling may spontaneously combust. It should be cleaned in warm soapy water to remove any excess oil and place in an outside bin.


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