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Furniture Clinic Self Seal Colourant Leather Care Kit
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Product description: All in one Leather Colourant & Finish. Self seals in one application for a quick and easy repair.

Self Seal Colourant

Self Seal Colourant

Self seals in one application for a quick and easy repair.

  • Applied in the same manner as standard colourant
  • No need for separate coat of finish
  • Reduces job times significantly

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About the product

Self Seal colourant is an innovative solution for quickly touching up small areas or colouring minor damage repairs.

Standard colours come with a satin finish, but custom colour matches can be made with any finish required.

Formulated with the professional technician in mind, it seals itself when drying, eliminating the need for a final coat of finish.

Combining of the flexibility, coverage and quality of our standard leather colourants with self-sealing properties, it is the ideal solution for technicians looking to reduce job times while maintaining a professional standard of work.

Suitable For:

Leather Sofa
Leather Car Seat
HandbagLeather ShoesLeather Jacket

Self Seal Colourant is ideal for use on leather car interiors, leather furniture, leather handbags, clothes, shoes, equestrian leather, motor bike leathers – pretty much any item made from leather!

It can be used on all types & all colours of leather incuding:

Semi-Aniline Leather
Pigmented Leather
Oil & Wax Pull Up Leather
Two Tone, Mottled & Antique Finished Leather

Car Colour Charts

Select a car manufacturer to view the colours we have previously matched.

Colour Chart

Colour Matching Made Easy

We can supply you with 16 base colours, which can be mixed together to achieve any colour of leather you need. Instructions are available to teach you how to mix and adjust common colours and our colour matching department can be contacted by phone or e-mail for additional support.

Please note: Standard colours come with a satin finish, but custom colour matches can be made with any finish required

Black HC

Black HC

Blue LC

Blue LC

Yellow LC

Yellow LC

Red LC

Red LC



Yellow HC

Yellow HC

Blue HC

Blue HC

Yellow Oxide

Yellow Oxide



Red HC

Red HC



Black LC

Black LC

Red Oxide

Red Oxide







Alternatively, we also offer a wide range of bespoke colours a very competitively prices colour matching service. Whatever colour you need, we have a solution for you!


Clay (B01)

Beige (B02)

Tanned Beige (B03)

Dark Beige (B04)


Pale Blue (BL01)

Baby Blue (BL02)

Tahiti Blue (BL03)

Turquoise (BL04)

Sea Blue (BL05)

Blue (BL06)

Royal Blue (BL07)

Navy Blue (BL08)

Bright Colours

Lime Green (GRN09)

Orange (ORN01)

Pink (P01)

Fuchsia (P02)

Purple (PUR01)

Yellow (YEL01)


Light Brown (BR01)

Light Tan (BR02)

London Tan (BR03)

Medium Brown (BR04)

Rosewood (BR05)

Chocolate (BR06)

Dark Brown (BR07)

Dk Dk Brown (BR08)

Creams, Ivory & Light Colours

Ivory (CR01)

Light Cream (CR02)

Rose Cream (CR03)

Peach Cream (CR04)

Canvas (CR05)

Sheepskin (CR06)

Cashew (CR07)

Stone (CR08)

Seashell (CR09)

Sand (CR10)

Buttermilk (CR11)

Cream (CR12)

Golden Cream (CR13)

Desert (CR14)

Biscuit (CR15)

Mustard (CR16)


Pale Green (GRN01)

Bright Green (GRN02)

Jade (GRN03)

Mint (GRN04)

Mid Green (GRN05)

Moss (GRN06)

Dark Green (GRN07)

Forest Green (GRN08)


Pale Grey (GRY01)

Light Grey (GRY02)

Steel (GRY03)

Smoke (GRY04)

Grey (GRY05)

Slate (GRY06)

Granite (GRY07)

Dark Grey (GRY08)


Salmon (R01)

Rose Beige (R02)

Rose (R03)

Bright Red (R04)

Red (R05)

Deep Red (R06)

Maroon (R07)

Dark Red (R08)

Grape (R09)

Bordeaux (R10)

Dark Burgundy (R11)

Deep Purple (R12)

Standard Colours

Black (BLK01)

White (WH01)


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colour charts

We have colour charts for car makes in addition to our own colours to match all leather and fabric.

video tutorials

Helpful instructional videos showing you how to use our products to clean, repair and restore leather.

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