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Furniture Clinic Leather Colourant Kit Leather Care Kit
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Product description: Leather restoration, recolouring & colour change kit to dye leather. Used to restore or colour change leather car interior, upholstery, furniture and all other items of leather.

Leather Colourant Kit

Leather Colourant Kit

Leather colourant product to change the colour of leather or restore all worn & faded leather items

  • Perfect for repairing damage caused by colour-loss or wear and tear
  • Contains everything you need for a DIY Professional leather colour repair at home
  • Same products used by professional upholsters
  • Full simple step-by-step instructions included and tutorial videos available below
  • Can be used on all leather and is perfect for repairing leather colour damage on sofa, car interiors, shoes, jackets and much more.

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125ml Leather Prep Cleaner
125ml Alcohol Cleaner
250ml Leather Colourant
125ml Leather Finish
15ml Crosslinker Eco
Spray Gun + Propellant
Sponges & Accessories
Mixing cup + stirrer

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Customer Reviews

Over the years we have sold our Leather Colourant Kits we have had many pleased customers, some of whom took the time to write in and tell us how they got on, providing photos and advice for prospective customers, please take the time to read what they have to say;

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Customer Review 1


Just thought you might be interested to see the amazing results I achieved using your products. At first after browsing your site, I was quite skeptical - the usual 'Before' and 'After' shots being the 'best of the bunch'.

I can confidently say, after a weekend of very satisfying work I am stunned by the results, and very impressed on how durable the products have made the surface of the leather.

The seats are out of a TVR and I thought I may have been trying to be too ambitious about the drastic change, but they have worked out perfectly.

The repair kit has also done a fantastic job of repairing the bolster damage, so much so - you have to get very close to even see it.

Thank you for the help and advice. Please feel free to use the photos on your web site. Already recommended you to someone on the Pistonheads TVR forums, after posting the photos.

Kind regards,

M Walton

Before After
before after


About the product

This Leather Colourant Kit can be used to repair worn patches or can be used to restore or change the colour of furniture, car interior, clothes, shoes and any other item of leather.

The Leather Colourant Kit is not just a standard leather colourant but an actual process, which gives fine results every time. Developed by professionals in the leather manufacturing industry, our Leather Colourants are not just standard leather paints, but water-based colourants used to give a long-lasting, durable and flexible finish. This kit is easy and safe to use for both professionals and DIY users.

See our Standard Colour Chart here
See our Car Colour Charts here

What makes our leather colourant kit the best? We use water-based colourants, a traditional technology that has been used in the manufacturing of leather for years. The end result looks like brand new leather. This is because the product is applied in the same way as in a tannery. Once applied, your leather will look and feel like natural leather, it will never flake, fade or peel off.

How it works: First, you remove the manufactured finish from the leather with the leather prep. This allows the colourants to adhere and penetrate the leather, giving a sound base covering. You then spray on a coloured coating for uniformity and to get a nice natural finish. The job is then sealed in with a professional leather finish. This finish protects and enhances the leather and stops it from wearing out.

Once applied, our colourants and finishes are so tough, you will find it difficult to even scuff or scratch the leather!

How long does it last? Once applied to leather the coating is as strong as new leather, this has been tested to British & European Standards. It is difficult to give an exact timescale as to how long it will last, but we are confident to say that it will last as long as your leather originally lasted, i.e. if the leather needed to be restored after 5 years, expect it to last another 5 years.

This item is made to order and is considered a bespoke product.

Suitable For:

Leather Sofa, chairs, seats or furniture
Leather Car Seat or interior
HandbagLeather Shoes, boots or footwearLeather Jacket or clothing

Leather Colourant Kit can be used to change or restore the colour of furniture, car seats, clothes, shoes, handbags, equestrian leather and any other item made of leather.

  Aniline & Semi-Aniline Leather
  Pigmented Leather
  Oil & Wax Pull Up Leather
  BiCast Leather
  Two Tone, Mottled & Antique Finished Leather

Color Match Service:

If you require a custom colour, matched exactly from a sample, we offer a quick and easy colour matching service.

1. Get a sample of the leather to be matched.
(Read this guide for advice on getting a sample)

2. Print this form, fill it in and attach your sample

3. Tick the box to tell us you are sending a sample when ordering.

Coverage & Shelf Life:

The Leather Colourant Kit is available in four sizes;

Small Kit - Will restore anything up to the size of a car seat, including handbags, clothes or shoes!

Medium Kit -  Will restore anything up to the size of a large armchair!

Large Kit - Will do 5 car seats or a large 3 seater sofa!

Extra Large Kit - Will restore a full car interior or three piece suite!

The kit doesn't have a shelf life. However, the longer it sits on the shelf, the more thoroughly the products will need to be shaken before use.

Before & After Photos

Click on one of the links below to see before and after photos of what the colourant kit can do.

Leather Furniture & UpholsteryLeather Furniture & Leather Upholstery
Photos: Colour Change | Colour Restoration | Touch Up Repair
Leather Car InteriorLeather Car Seats & Leather Car Interior
Photos: Colour Change | Colour Restoration | Touch Up Repair
Leather Handbags & ClothesLeather Clothes, Shoes & Handbags
Photos: Colour Change & Restoration



A fine result can be achieved with our kits, remember they are designed for the general public and so have been made as easy as possible to use. For detailed instructions of how to dye leather, please read one of the following guides.


Car Interior Restoration

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the Leather Colourant Kit and the Complete Leather Repair Kit.

The Complete leather Repair Kit provides enough colourant and the right equipment to cover touch ups to small areas and minor repairs.

The Leather Colourant Kit comes in various sizes and the range provides enough colourant and the correct equipment to take on larger restoration projects, from colouring over medium-large scale repairs to complete colour changes to car interiors or three piece suites.

I want to change the colour of my leather item, should I use the Leather Colourant Kit or the Leather Re-Colouring Balm?

The Colourant Kit should be used when changing the colour of your leather, the Re-colouring balm should only be used to restore colour to leather and not to change it.

The colour of my leather has worn/faded and I want to restore it, do I use the Leather Re-Colouring Balm or the Leather Colourant Kit?

To restore the colour to worn/faded absorbent leather items (such as Aniline or Pull-Up) you should use the Leather Re-Colouring Balm as this will soak into the leather and quickly restore the colour to its former glory. The balm can also be used to restore colour to areas on non-absorbent leathers where areas of minor-cracking have occurred and the natural leather is exposed.

To restore the original colour to non-absorbent leathers where more significant areas of fading or wear has occurred you should use the Leather Colourant Kit.

Is the colour/finish provided by the Leather Colourant Kit permanent?

If applied correctly, the finish/colour provided by the kit can typically be expected to last as long as the original manufacturers finish would taking into account conditions and wear & tear.

Im unsure what size Leather Colourant Kit I require for my project, is there a general guide or  'rule of thumb'?

As a general rule:

The small kit provides enough product to tackle repairs & restoration to the colour of smaller projects such as a footstool, shoes, clothing or a single car seat.

The medium sized kit should be sufficient to re-colour larger areas such as an armchair or two car seats.

The large kit will give you what you need to re-colour projects in the size range of a 2-3 seater sofa, car seats (two front seats and the back seat)

The extra large kit has been designed for a full car interior (5 seats, door cards, centre console, dash, and all other leather areas) or an entire three piece suite.

Although every project is different, this guide provides a good overview of the scale of projects that each size of the Leather Colourant Kits in our range is suitable for. If in doubt it is always better to go one size larger, providing all of the colourant and finish you need, with some left over for touch-ups should they be needed going forward.


Can the Leather Colourant Kit be used on Vinyl?

The colourant used in the kit can be used on Vinyl, but the colourant layer will not adhere as well to the surface Vinyl as it does on leather. To counteract this, we advise that you apply our Adhesion Promoter before spraying on the colourant, this will ensure a suitable surface for the colourant to adhere to and provide better results and longevity.

I want to change the colour of my leather clothing/jacket/sofa/furniture/car interior, is the Leather Colourant Kit suitable for this?

Yes, the Leather Colourant Kit can be used to change the colour of any leather surface, no matter what the item may be.

I have a specific colour i require for my project, can you provide this with the Leather Colourant Kit?

Yes, we can provide kits with any colour you require. Simply pick a colour from one of our colour charts or send us a sample and we will match it and send it to you. If you wish to have a colour matched, just indicate that you will be sending a sample to us by ticking the corresponding box when you go to add your choice of kit to your basket on the Leather Colourant Kit page.


Can i continue to clean and maintain my leather as normal after using the Leather Colourant Kit?

Yes, but it is important that you do not clean or applying protection cream to the leather item for 7 days after applying the colourant (though it can be used after 24 hours). This gives both the colour and the finish time to fully cure before being treated. For total maintenance and cleaning of any leather item we recommend our Leather Care Kit, providing powerful protection and cleaning for any leather item in one handy pack.

Car Colour Charts

Select a car manufacturer to view the colours we have previously matched.

Colour Chart

We offer a wide range of pre-mixed colours as can be seen below. These colours are best suited when you are changing the colour of leather. If you try to use our Beige (BO2) from the samples below to fix a small area of colour loss on your beige leather sofa for example, the chance that our beige matches exactly the colour of your beige is very unlikely. This is because there are unlimited colours in the world with millions of variations of beige. In this situation, it is always best to simply post us a sample of your leather and we can match it precisely using our spectrophotometer. This uses lasers to scan and dispense the perfect colour match of your leather. You can see where to get a sample from here.


Clay (B01)

Beige (B02)

Tanned Beige (B03)

Dark Beige (B04)


Pale Blue (BL01)

Baby Blue (BL02)

Tahiti Blue (BL03)

Turquoise (BL04)

Sea Blue (BL05)

Blue (BL06)

Royal Blue (BL07)

Navy Blue (BL08)

Bright Colours

Lime Green (GRN09)

Orange (ORN01)

Pink (P01)

Fuchsia (P02)

Purple (PUR01)

Yellow (YEL01)


Light Brown (BR01)

Light Tan (BR02)

London Tan (BR03)

Medium Brown (BR04)

Rosewood (BR05)

Chocolate (BR06)

Dark Brown (BR07)

Dk Dk Brown (BR08)

Creams, Ivory & Light Colours

Ivory (CR01)

Light Cream (CR02)

Rose Cream (CR03)

Peach Cream (CR04)

Canvas (CR05)

Sheepskin (CR06)

Cashew (CR07)

Stone (CR08)

Seashell (CR09)

Sand (CR10)

Buttermilk (CR11)

Cream (CR12)

Golden Cream (CR13)

Desert (CR14)

Biscuit (CR15)

Mustard (CR16)


Pale Green (GRN01)

Bright Green (GRN02)

Jade (GRN03)

Mint (GRN04)

Mid Green (GRN05)

Moss (GRN06)

Dark Green (GRN07)

Forest Green (GRN08)


Pale Grey (GRY01)

Light Grey (GRY02)

Steel (GRY03)

Smoke (GRY04)

Grey (GRY05)

Slate (GRY06)

Granite (GRY07)

Dark Grey (GRY08)


Salmon (R01)

Rose Beige (R02)

Rose (R03)

Bright Red (R04)

Red (R05)

Deep Red (R06)

Maroon (R07)

Dark Red (R08)

Grape (R09)

Bordeaux (R10)

Dark Burgundy (R11)

Deep Purple (R12)

Standard Colours

Black (BLK01)

White (WH01)


write a review
user profile image

mrs mellor

3+2 seater cream sofas to black

I dyed my 2 sofas with the extra large kit which was well enough some left over , im well happy with the finished effect looks like a brand new sofa i would advise using pegs to pin up sides etc as i read in the reviews before i started came in handy , great customer service as i had a small problem been my own fault and furniture clinic solved my problem great advise thank you would definatley reccommend the dye kit easy to follow instructions also watch the video if the colour lasts will be well worth the money

Yes, I recommend this product.

user profile image

mr franks

excellent product

it does exactly what it says on the tin if you follow instructions or watch the video I was amazed with the finish I got just be patient if you get stuck as I did I phoned and got advice from Duncan, excellent product and perfect colour match thank you furniture clinic im well impressed

Yes, I recommend this product.

user profile image



Bought this in 2008, and changed our sofas 2seater x 2colour from red to black and they still look fab. Now it's time to make them grey, this is a super kit. I can't convince you enough, it is brilliant!!!!!

Yes, I recommend this product.

user profile image


Car Bolster

Bought this kit to try and repair the seat on my car that had worn badly through use, I was willing to pay someone £200 to repair it but thought hey why not take a chance and try this, And am i glad i did, Watched there online video and off to go easy wasnt the word , 30 min later seat looks fantastic, well pleased give it a try youll love it,

Yes, I recommend this product.

user profile image


Chesterfield Sofas

Delighted by the finish of these products. We had a red antique finish chesterfield, that had the antique finish worn away. The restoration kit did a marvellous job. Had a few problems with spray cans, but found running them under lukewarm water kept everything moving. Sofa looks like new. The other sofa is a single colour chesterfield. We used the semi matt finish and the seat cushions have come up beautifully. Going to do the chesterfield chair now as we are so pleased. You do need to take your time and follow the instructions, but if you do, the results are fabulous.

Yes, I recommend this product.

user profile image


Three seater leather sofa

I was prepared to be underwhelmed when my wife ordered the leather colourant. We spent a good time preparing and cleaning the sofa and I think this was helpful as the result is amazing. The first few coats made me a bit twitchy and I thought it was not going to work. As we built up the layers it really started to look good. We used the semi matt finish and it made the sofa look like it was only a couple of years old. It is actually about 12 years old. The airbrush worked okay, but there was an issue with getting the can adapter to work, but once that was sorted it did a good job. This process takes a good few days so make sure you have the time set aside.

Yes, I recommend this product.

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colour charts

We have colour charts for car makes in addition to our own colours to match all leather and fabric.

video tutorials

Helpful instructional videos showing you how to use our products to clean, repair and restore leather.

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