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Furniture Clinic Grain Repair Leather Care Kit
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Product description: Used to replicate a leathers grain pattern. Simply apply with a sponge or cocktail stick and dry off.

Grain Repair

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Grain Repair

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Quickly replicates all grain patterns

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About the product

Grain Repair is used to recreate the grain pattern on damaged leather. It can be applied on top of fillers, over scuffs or onto large areas of damage to create a textured surface blending the repair in with the rest of the leather.


Small Details: Using a cocktail stick apply small dots of Grain Repair onto the leather so it creates mounds of similar size to the leathers grain. The mounds can be pressed down with the cocktail stick or your finger tip to flatten it if necessary.

Larger Areas:Using a sponge, dab the Grain Repair onto the leather so it creates a textured surface.

The product can be left to dry naturally or dried instantly with a hair drier. Colour should then be applied afterwards. 

Grain Repair



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