Worktop Maintenance Kit

Clean and restore all kitchen worktops for a professional, like-new finish with our worktop oil maintenance kit. 

  • Worktop oil to protect and nourish
  • Enhances the colour and grain
  • Imparts an attractive, natural, satin sheen
  • Provides a durable, water and stain resistant finish
  • Suitable for all types of wooden worktops
  • Prolongs the life of all worktops
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Worktop Oil

The natural, prestigious, high-quality timber worktop you have in your kitchen needs the highest quality products to ensure it stays looking its best, which is why our Worktop Maintenance Kit is the ideal solution to provide the products to do exactly that.

The worktop oil we supply in this kit is our premium Danish Oil which not only protects your worktop from stains and spills, but as the oil soaks in, it will bring out the wood’s natural beauty, enhancing the grain and colour. 

The kit is designed to protect from the very start and should be used immediately after the installation of any kitchen worktops. It is essential to build up a proper course of oil treatment which will ensure long life and give you many years of use.

It is important that wooden worktops are regularly cleaned and oiled; ongoing care will bring out and enhance the natural colour and grain within the wood, while protecting the surface from wear, tear, and staining.

Worktop Maintenance Kit is Suitable For

The Worktop Maintenance Kit can be used on all types of wooden worktops such as oak, beech, walnut, etc. It can also be used to clean and oil other items of oiled wood too.

Worktop Maintenance Kits Coverage and Shelf Life

The products included in this kit are enough to maintain 20m² of worktop area.

Store in a cool dry place and away from direct sunlight.

Worktop Maintenance Kit Contents

1 Litre Danish Oil (worktop oil)

500ml Wood Cleaner (dilutes 4:1 for everyday cleaning)

250ml Spray Bottle for easy day to day cleaning

1 x Pack Foam Brushes

1 x Pack Lint Free Cloths

2 x De-nibbing Pads

Vinyl gloves


Wood Cleaner

Many solid wood worktop manufacturers do not recommend the use of multi-purpose cleaning products that contain chemicals which may damage worktops. Our Wood Cleaner has been specifically designed to deep clean all wooden surfaces and to remove heavy soiling and stubborn stains, but can also be diluted to be used as an everyday worktop cleaner to gently cleanse without causing damage. When diluted, the cleaner makes 2.5 Litres of cleaner for your worktops, working out at just £2.39 per 500ml for everyday cleaning.

Worktop Oil

Our worktop oil has been formulated to seal and finish all solid wood worktops as well as re-oiling them for maintenance. A time tested and proven blend of natural oils and resins, it penetrates deep into the wood and dries to provide a hard, durable, and highly attractive satin finish.

Compliant with The Materials and Articles in Contact with Food (England) Regulations 2012; our worktop oil is perfect for the treatment of worktops used in the kitchen and dining areas, where contact with food, spills and exposure to water and other liquids are a frequent hazard.

The natural finish provided with the application of worktop oil provides water resistance to worktops, helping to reduce staining and make the wood easier to clean and maintain. This protects and enhances the natural beauty of your wood.

How to Oil a Worktop

We have two sets of instructions below showing you how to oil a worktop; the first talks about how to oil a new kitchen worktop, and beneath that are instructions on how to restore and oil a used worktop.

Oiling new wooden worktops

Shake the oil well before use. If you are unsure of the finish, test it on spare wood, or an unseen area first.

Apply with the Foam Brush and work the oil into the wood following the direction of the grain.

Work the oil over the entire surface of the worktop and all edges so that there is a thin, even covering.

Leave to penetrate for five to ten minutes and then wipe away any excess oil with the Lint Free Cloth.

Leave to dry for four to six hours. Two more coats should be applied after the first, leaving the full four to six hours drying time between each coat to ensure the previous application has completely dried before applying the next.

The De-nibbing Pad can be used to gently sand the surface between coats of the oil when dry. This will ensure a smooth, flaw free finish. Make sure to gently rub in the direction of the grain and remove any dust with a damp cloth before the next coat of oil.

Restore and oil wooden worktops

Clean the worktop

Use the Wood Cleaner in an undiluted state to deep clean the surface; simply apply the Wood Cleaner to a clean cloth and rub into the wood, applying pressure. After cleaning, wipe any cleaner off with a clean, dry cloth and leave to dry.

Prepare the worktop

Take a Denibbing Pad and lightly rub the worktop making sure to rub in the direction of the grain, this will help to make the surface lovely and smooth, ready for the next application of oil. At this stage, the colour may appear slightly duller. Remove all dust from denibbing with a clean cloth.

If the worktop has a heavy coating of an old wax or oil, you'll need to sand this off first. Use our Sanding Pads to do this.

Applying Worktop Oil

Once the surface has been prepared it is time to apply the worktop oil. The same instructions apply to all wooden worktops; simply follow the instructions above for 'oiling new wooden worktops'.

Worktop Cleaning & Maintenance

Everyday Cleaning

For general day to day cleaning, the Wood Cleaner can be mixed at a ratio of 4:1 with water (4-parts water to 1-part Wood Cleaner). This can then be stored in the trigger spray bottle and used as an everyday worktop cleaner. Simply dampen (not wet) a cloth with the solution and wipe down the surface.


To maintain the fine quality of your wooden worktop, it is essential that it is oiled regularly. The worktop is fully protected and in good condition when the surface has a slight sheen to it and water ‘beads’ or forms droplets on the surface. With use, the finish will slowly wear off, and water will no longer 'bead' on the surface, the sheen will also look duller.

Ideally, the surface should be re-oiled before it gets to this stage and when you do notice the above you know it's time to apply the worktop oil again. We recommend applying worktop oil once or twice a year.

Instructional Videos

Watch our videos showing you how to oil a worktop. We have one video showing you how to oil a new worktop, and another showing you how to restore and re-oil an older worktop.

Worktop Oil Photos

The below photo is from a wooden kitchen worktop. The left is the raw timber without any oil on. The right-hand side shows how the worktop oil has brought out the natural colour in the wood, enhancing the woods appearance and providing great protection.

Worktop Oil

Worktop Oil FAQ

Q. Is the worktop oil suitable for all wooden worktops?

A. Yes, our Worktop Oil can be used on all types of wooden worktops. It doesn't matter what type of wood the worktop is made from; the oil will safely enhance and protect the wood.

Q. Is the oil in the kit an oak worktop oil?

A. Our Worktop Oil can be used on all types of kitchen worktops, including oak worktops. 

Q. What is the best oil for worktops?

A. Our worktop oil is Danish Oil and we believe this is the best oil for kitchen worktops. This is because it not only enhances the natural beauty of the timber, but it will also protect the wood from stains and spills. It is excellent for use around kitchen sinks and areas that get wet often.

Q. How do you oil wooden worktops?

A. To oil worktops, it is quite an easy process, it just requires the right products. This is why we have out together this Worktop Maintenance Kit, so you get all the products you need to oil your worktop, in one handy kit.

On this page you can also watch our video showing you how to oil a kitchen worktop, and read the instructions in the relevant section.

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