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The wood care category includes a comprehensive range of products for treating all types of wood surfaces. From our complete range of Wood Oils and Wood Waxes to finish wood, to best selling products like our Wood Stain, Beeswax Polish and Danish Oil.

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  1. Clear Decking Oil
    Clear Decking Oil

    Deeply Penetrates Wooden Decking to Enhance, Nourish & Protect


    Superior quality clear decking oil that deeply penetrates all types of wooden decking to enhance, nourish and protect

    • Advanced weather protection
    • Enhances the natural beauty of decking
    • Protects against wear & tear
    • Reduces fading and sun damage
    • Shower proof in two hours
    • Clear oil for a natural finish
    • 5 litre size covers 25m²
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  2. Decking Oil Kit
    Decking Oil Kit

    Our Decking Oil Kit has been designed to provide you with the specialist tools and treatments tha...


    Contains all the products you need to clean and oil your decking

    • Cleans and protects decking
    • Revives, restores and nourishes decking
    • Quick acting Decking Cleaner that removes dirt, mould, and green staining
    • Superior quality Decking Oil that enhances the wood, prevents drying, and reduces fading
    • Specialist Decking Applicator Pad & Tray to speed up the application process
    • Suitable for all types of wood decking
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  3. Decking Stain
    Decking Stain

    An oil-based Decking Stain that deeply penetrates all types of wooden decking to enhance, nourish...

    From £6.95

    An oil-based Decking Stain that deeply penetrates all types of wooden decking to enhance, nourish and protect.

    • Stains in one coat 
    • Advanced weather protection – showerproof in two hours
    • Protects against wear & tear
    • Highly concentrated decking stain
    • Oil-based giving extra nourishment and longer protection
    • Suitable for all types of wooden decking
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  4. Interior Wood Varnish
    Interior Wood Varnish

    Protects soft and hard wood against scratches & stains

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    A quick drying, water-based polyurethane interior wood varnish to protect all hard and soft woods against knocks, scratches and stains.
    • Clear Varnish; durable and non-yellowing finish
    • Great for doors, skirting, furniture and all interior woods
    • Enriches the natural colour and grain of wood
    • Suitable for new and previously stained wood
    • Low V.O.C content and virtually odour free
    • Easy to apply with brush or roller
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  5. Finishing Pads
    Finishing Pads

    Make wooden surfaces feel perfectly smooth after applying oils and varnishes.

    From £7.95

    Our Finishing Pads (De-nibbing Pads) are used to give wooden finishes a perfectly smooth feel after the application of an oil or varnish.

    • Removes "nibs" and imperfections in finishes
    • Foam backed for a softer,smoother finish
    • Double sided finishing pads
    • Modern alternative to steel wool
    • Can be washed and re-used
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  6. Mould Remover
    Mould Remover

    Eliminates & Kills Mould On Contact.

    From £9.95

    Specialist Mould Remover for use on delicate materials. Removes mould stains and mould smells from fabric, leather, and wood.

    • Powerful all-in-one mould remover for fabric, leather, wood, and other delicate surfaces
    • Eliminates mould and associated odour on contact
    • Prevents mould growth from reoccurring
    • Kills mould spores
    • High-strength and quick acting Mould Remover
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  7. Hard Wax Repair Kit
    Hard Wax Repair Kit

    Set of 4 hard wearing wax sticks that are melted into wood to repair large holes, dents & chips.

    From £24.95

    The hard wax repair kit is designed for fixing larger damages to wooden surface such as dents, chips & holes. It's ideal for flooring and damage to the edges of furniture. Unlike the soft wax kit, the hard wax is melted onto the wood using the heat tool provided with the kit.

    • Quick and easy to use
    • Suitable for all types of wood
    • Repairs severe damages
    • Strong and long lasting repairs
    • Extremely hard wearing
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How to care for wood

All wooden surfaces need to be carefully maintained to help keep them looking their best. Failure to properly maintain wood can lead to staining, wear & tear on the surface and deterioration of the finish. Regular maintenance of wood with a wax, oil or varnish will help prevent these problems from occurring.

Wood Cleaners

If you are looking to keep your wood clean from day to day dirt and grime, or to remove a build-up of wax and polish then our Wood Cleaner is an excellent product to use. For wood used outdoors, use either our Teak Cleaner or Decking Cleaner.

Wood Waxes

Waxing wood is a tried and tested way of treating wooden surfaces dating back hundreds of years. Beeswax is the most common and recommended treatment for waxing wood, and our Beeswax Furniture Polish has been developed to work to the highest of standards.

Wood Oils

There are lots of different types of wood oils; all will enhance and protect wooden surfaces but each different wood oil will give a slightly different appearance. Some will darken the wood, some will make it shiny, and some will make the wood matt. The best wood oil for you is the one that is going to give the look and feel you desire.

There are some wood oils though that are just perfect for the job you need. We recommend teak oil for garden furniture as it provides great weather protection, enhances the wood and has a lovely natural finish. We recommend danish oil for worktops, and if you’re looking for a 100% natural oil, then you can’t beat Tung Oil.

Wood Stains

Staining wood allows you to adjust or change the colour of any wooden surface to suit your desired look. A wood stain will soak into the wood, staining the timber and enhancing the natural beauty of the grain. A wood stain will provide some level of protection to the wood, but we always recommend finishing the wood afterwards with an oil, wax or varnish.

Wood Varnishes

Often the hardest wearing wood finish, a wood varnish is typically painted onto the wood using a brush. Wood Varnishes provide a tough wood finish that will resist scuffing, scratching, and knocks, and also a finish that will help prevent liquid staining.

Our Interior Wood Varnish is a great wood finish for all wood projects used indoors.

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