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Restoring a CHANEL Handbag

I recently bought a second hand Chanel bag , which was in a pretty worn and poor state. Although the leather was not cracked or damaged, the edges had worn badly and the colour had come off most places where the bag had been folded when stored. I wanted to refresh the bag and give it a new lease of life, considering that the bag should easily have another 20 years in it!

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Eva Morris

Added this guide 51 years ago


Users Top Tips:

Take your time: a good result takes patience, but is well worth it.

Application: Piece of cake. Follow the guidelines, you can't really go wrong.

Drying layers: Do dry layers thoroughly after every coat (hairdryer), you'll get a better idea of how much more of each is needed and you'll have an even finish.

Work area: Well ventilated... I'm not kidding! Use plastic liners or similar, not cloths, underneath. The Leather Finish is sticky when drying and you don't want fluff sticking everywhere.

Colour matching: If not sure which colour to use and don't have a sample, trawl the Internet for pictures of the dyes applied to leather in different light situations. Gives better idea of finish.

Cleaning: Use the Leather Prep on flat areas only, Alcohol Cleaner on edges, corners and sewn areas. Otherwise you'll damage the edges.

Amount needed: I reckon one small colouring kit will last for about three medium sized handbags.

Products Used:


    Bag in its original state when bought. It looked similar after the cleaning.

    1. Cleaning

    I used the "leather prep" to clean that flat areas of the bag with a soft cloth and subsequently the "alcohol cleaner" to clean the seams and sewn areas.

    During: After applying three layers of colour.

    2. Colour Application with Sponge

    I applied two layers of Leather dye with a sponge, drying every layer thoroughly with a hair dryer before adding a new one. Then I added a final layer of Colour with the spraygun, again drying it thoroughly.

    Finish: after adding three layers of leather finish & drying

    3. Finish & Protection

    I applied three layers of leather finish to the bag with a soft cloth . One with normal leather finish, two layers with Satin leather finish. Good as new, I think! Bag is subtle with an even finish and I still have plenty of product left.


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