Car Interior Re-Trimming

Professional Re-trimming & Custom Fitted Car Interiors

  • Full re-trims
  • Panel replacement
  • Re-pad sagging seats
  • Custom made seat pads
  • Replacement materials - modern or traditional
  • Complete Custom Interiors

We provide specialist car leather re-trim services for both modern and classic cars. As leather specialists, we don’t always have to re-trim the full interior. We can custom match panels or seats to blend in with the rest of the leather in your car; this can help save lots of time, money and retain the authenticity of a classic car.

Leather Interior Re-Trimming

Leather Cop Car Interior Retrim - Before
Leather Cop Car Interior Retrim - after

Our car interior re-trimming service is delivered with expertise, attention to detail and a complete focus on our customers requirements. Whether a brand new custom interior for a modern vehicle or a first class retrim and restoration to a classic car interior with an eye on authenticity and character, our expert upholsteres, restorers and repair technicians deliver the highest levels of service and quality.

The products, materials and processes we use have been honed over thousands of interiors and decades of experience. All of our work comes with a guarantee, to ensure all of our customers enjoy complete piece of mind when they get a Furniture Clinic service.

Fabric Interior Re-Trimming

Car Seat Retrim  - Before
Car Seat Retrim - After

Our retrimming services include both partial and complete car interior retrims, in any material incluing all types of leather and fabric, delivered to customer specifications. Our nationwide network can take on work anywhere in the UK, working to establish the personal requirements and specifications of every job, sourcing the materials required and carrying our each re-trim to the highest standards. 

Over the years we have worked on almost every concievable vehicle, model, brand and specification, from motorcycles, cars, coaches and even aircraft. When it comes to vehicle interior retrims, you are in good hands when you choose Furniture Clinic.

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