Leather Car Seat Repair & Restoration

Professional leather car seat repair services

Looking for leather car seat repair near me? We offer a nationwide leather car seat repair service repairing and restoring both modern and classic car seats. With almost 20 years experience, and our own exclusive range of leather car seat repair products, we are a trusted and market leader in the UK for leather car seat repairs.

Common issues we repair on leather car seats are:

  • Rips, tears & cuts
  • Scuffs & scratches
  • Burns & holes
  • Complete colour changes
  • Grease & dirt build-up
  • Colour loss
  • Classic & modern interior restorations
  • Peeling colour
  • Rough and cracked leather
  • Stains

Leather car seat repair & restoration process

The methods and products we use are traditional and offer you a lovely finished job that will look and feel like natural leather. The process we use is similar to connollising however we have far improved on this out dated method with the use of new uniquely developed products, exclusive to us.

  1. We thoroughly prepare the leather for colouring. We clean and remove all dirt from cracks and creases and then apply special chemicals to remove the manufactured finish. This opens the leather up allowing it to absorb and take the colouring in a better fashion.

  2. At this stage we make any repairs to the leather. Worn, cracked and weak leather would now be either replaced or strengthened and we'd fix and re-grain any cuts, rips, tears, burns or holes.

  3. Colour is then applied. The first coat is applied by hand working it into all natural creases and hard to reach areas. A second coat is then applied using a spray gun for a natural and even finish.

    That is where most people stop; however, we have developed an extremely hard wearing top coat lacquer to seal the colour in. We supply this lacquer to many manufactures as it provides superior strength to their leather.

  4. After colouring your leather we then spray this lacquer on top. This seals in the colour and greatly increases the life span you would expect to get from the leather. The lacquer also improves the texture of the leather giving it a smooth, soft & silky feel.

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Leather Car Seat Repair

Leather Ferrari Interior Repair & Restoration - Before
Leather Ferrari Interior Repair & Restoration - After

The products and processes used in our car interior repairs have been developed with years of knowledge and experience in the leather industry. We manufacture all of the colours and finishes we'll apply to your interior to guarantee a top quality result each time.

Lasting repairs are made to damaged areas, then the exact colour is matched and used to re-colour the leather seat, producing a repair that is seamless. We do not use basic water based dyes. We use hard wearing PU finishes, which have excellent coverage of colour and are far superior in terms of rub fastness (wear & tear), adhesion of colour and life span. Our process is designed to leave your leather looking as good as new and feeling soft, silky & natural.

Leather Car Interior Colour Change

Leather Car Interior Colour Change - Before
Leather Car Interior Colour Change - After

Using professional techniques developed and used uniquely by us, we bring to you a guaranteed restoration service for all leather & vinyl car interiors. We use the same type of products to re-colour your leather that are used when your leather is first made.

When we restore the colour or change the colour of your leather interior we guarantee that it won't ever fade, flake, peel, crack or wear away. The products and techniques we use have been tried and tested over thousands of interiors over a decade and our expert team of technicians are trained to the highest standards, giving all of our customers complete peace of mind when taking advantage of our services.

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